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Traveling Light

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome back.

It is painfully clear that, for any number of reasons, I just don’t have what it takes to keep this blog going strong. By the same token, however, the site has become a rather valuable resource to a fairly large cross-section of bicycle enthusiasts in southeast Michigan. Hence, to abandon it altogether (formally, that is) seems ill-advised.

So, I’ve decided to follow a different route. In the spirit of randonneuring, I’m going to travel light and lively. I’m going to shed the cumbersome trappings of my bulky blog, and, donning only what will fit neatly in my jersey pockets and seat bag, focus greater attention on micro-blogging via Twitter (@velofolk) and Instagram (reading_elliott).

There might, on occasion, be something posted here at Hadrian on a Bicycle. The ride calendar, I think, will continue to run here, and my Twitter feed will remain live. But if you really want to be part of the action and stay up-to-date on local rides, gatherings, and news of interest to cyclists of all stripes in and around Lenawee County, fetch yourself a free Twitter account and tuck into the paceline.

See you soon.