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I know we can do better

The 5th Annual ACDC Ride to raise funds for Associated Charities of Lenawee County is only three weeks away. Have you registered yet? Registration and sponsorship forms are available under the “ACDC Ride” tab on this website. You can also check out the routes.

Three years ago, this ride was on the verge of falling apart. Last year, we had a total of 43 riders (12 on the Kiwanis Trail, 21 on the 50K route, and 10 on the 100K route). The event raised over $2000 for the Charities. We’re making terrific progress, but I know we can do better.

Associated Charities does remarkable work for those in need in our community. What stands out to me most is the sense of dignity they help to provide and to nurture in their clients. The Charities is celebrating their centennial anniversary this year. Come out and celebrate with them.

The ACDC Ride is a great event. Highlights include…

  • Family-friendly 7- and 14-mile routes on the Kiwanis Trail
  • 50K and 100K routes in scenic Lenawee County, MI, that will be as challenging (or not) as you want them to be
  • SAG support
  • Rest stops with water and snacks about every 12 miles, two of which have bona fide bathrooms, so you don’t have to go wandering into the corn rows when nature calls
  • RoadID coupons for everyone and gift certificates for a few lucky folks
  • a 20% same-day discount for all riders at Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery, our friendly local bike shop
  • a classy event t-shirt
  • post-ride music with Jeff D. spinning the hot wax
  • a lip-smacking yummy lunch
  • great folks all around

…and more.

What are you waiting for? Grab some friends and family, check the air in your tires, and finish your season in style.


2012 ACDC Ride: time to speak up

Planning for the 2012 ACDC Ride will be underway very soon. Here’s your chance to take some ownership of this local community activity.

1. For starters, let us hear from you. What have you liked about the event in past years? What would you like to see change? What recommendations for you have for things that should be added? What are your suggestions for attracting more participants? Please post a comment and get some conversation going on this. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

2. Is there anyway you can help out in a more concrete way? Would you like to sit in on one or two of the planning meetings? Do you know any local business owners who might be willing to sponsor the event? Do you have any friends or family members who might be willing to volunteer to host a rest station, drive a SAG vehicle, or handle some other task? Would you be willing to help promote the event via Facebook or some other social media outlet, or by posting flyers and spreading the word in other ways?

Don’t limit yourself to these ideas; suggest some of your own. What do you have to offer? Just a small investment from a bunch of folks will produce exponential results. Thanks for giving it some thought.

ACDC Ride update

I met Tuesday evening with Associated Charities board members to further discuss the third annual Associated Charities Donate and Cycle (ACDC) Ride. This is shaping up to a be a fantastic event. Please mark your calendars now. It’s not too early to begin promoting the ride. We have an opportunity to develop this into a premiere cycling event for Lenawee County. And what could better for our cycling community than a local event supporting a local charity that serves local needs?

My personal goal is to see 150 riders participate in this event. I hope you’ll help me get there.

Here are the relevant details thus far:

  • DATE: The ride will be Saturday, September 11, at Trestle Park.
  • TIME: The registration and start time for cyclists doing the longest route will be between 7a and 8a. Starts for riders doing any of the three remaining routes will be staggered from there. The goal is to have all riders arriving back at Trestle Park between 11a and noon.
  • ROUTE: There will be four routes: 7, 14, 25, and 50 miles. All will depart from Trestle Park on the bike path. The 7- and 14-mile routes will be family-friendly options limited entirely to the bike path. The 25- and 50-mile routes will leave the bike path at the intersection of Green and Ives and continue along country roads before returning to Trestle Park. Look for an opportunity to vote on the longer routes in the near future. There will be a hospitality table with refreshments at registration, four rest stops along the way, and a SAG vehicle monitoring the two longer routes.
  • FEE: Pre-registration for riders 12 and over will be $25 ($30 day of event). Families will be able to register together at a discount ($60 in advance; $70 day of event).

Highlights of the event include:

We are looking for additional event sponsors. If you own or manage a local business, or are a representative of a local entity, and would like to see the name of your company or organization on the back of the event t-shirt and on other promotional materials, please let us know. Event sponsorship is only $75. In-kind sponsorships are also welcome.

We also need volunteers. If you’re unable to ride, why not offer to help with registration, the hospitality table, one of the water stops, or with some other aspect of the event? It’s a fantastic way to be part of the fun and to support a good cause.

2010 Hospice Ride

Sunday’s 2010 Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, and Bike Tour featured a new route that was absolutely fantastic. Cyclists on this year’s tour departed from Blissfield High School, together with the runners, rather than separately from Sienna Heights University. This had a number of advantages, not least of which was making the cycling side of the event feel more integrated with the overall program.

If any of the event organizers are reading this post, I’d love to know how many folks participated (particularly cyclists) and how much money was raised for Hospice of Lenawee. Please comment.

Attention now turns in earnest to the Associated Charities ACDC ride in September. Thanks again to all those who have already offered to help, and thanks in advance to others whom I’m sure will do so when given the chance. I’m meeting again tomorrow with Associated Charities board members and will soon set to work on organizing a formal planning committee. Stay tuned…


I met this past Wednesday with board members from Associated Charities of Lenawee County to discuss the ACDC ride. This event began in 2008 with approximately 60 riders. Last year saw a slight dip in the number of participants, but an increase in funds raised, thanks to t-shirt sponsors. Unfortunately, the 2010 ride was scratched from the calendar when it appeared that there wouldn’t be sufficient volunteer support to pull it off.

I am happy to say the ride is back on and slated (tentatively) for Saturday, September 11. I’m calling on local readers of this blog to get involved in whatever way they can. This is a good event that directly supports local charities. It’s one of only two organized charity rides in our county. Skipping the event this year would cost a great a deal of momentum and threaten to quash the ride altogether. What a drag that would be. Would we much rather see it develop into a really strong annual event for our area? I would.

Six riders from this area have together raised more for the American Diabetes Association than the ACDC ride has made in both years combined. Surely we can do even more for our own immediate community.

The goal is to raise some meaningful money for the Associate Charities. So the plan is to make the event something equally attractive both to families and casual riders, and to more avid cyclists. To that end, we are proposing two family friendly rides (e.g., 7 and 14 miles) on the Kiwanis Trail, and one or two longer riders (e.g., 25 and 50 miles) that begin on the trail and then continue on country roads in Lenawee County.

Here’s what we need:

  • Volunteers to help with registration and rest stops.
  • Local businesses to sponsor the event by purchasing t-shirt space for logos, offering incentives for top fundraisers, providing give-a-ways for participants, etc.
  • Event promotion
  • Riders

In the days ahead, I’ll be asking the Christian Family Centre Bicycling Focus Group to get involved and to help specifically with the portion of the event oriented toward recreational riders. I’ll be talking with one of the coordinators of last year’s event to see if I can get some help with mapping the longer route(s). And I’ll be approaching others about having a presence at the event in various capacities.

Mark your calendar now for this event, and post a comment to let me know if you want to get involved.

HOL Run Walk and Bike Tour

First, let’s try this: I’ve created a Flickr account (I’m so with it, don’t you know), and I’ve added the RSS feed as a widget to the blog. Give it a look. I still plan to pull pictures I especially like or deem particularly significant directly into blog posts. But this will be a handy place to stash everything for those who care to peruse the entire lot. The first batch is, of course, from the 2009 PALM tour.

This morning, I participated in the 27th annual Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, and Bike Tour. I intended to snap some pictures, but there wasn’t much to photograph. Some of that may have been due to the fact that I got my ride in early. Also, I didn’t spend any time in Blissfield, which is where the run and walk portions of the event are held. The focus of this event is clearly on the runners and walkers. Although the cycling portion has been around for a while, I would estimate that 50 or fewer riders participate, which is unfortunate, given that it supports a local charity, it’s inexpensive, and the route is moderate in terms of length and terrain (thus suitable to a wide range of riders), to say nothing of how beautiful the scenery is. Click the “Map My Ride” button below if you want to see it.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

While the ride itself was great, the best part of this morning was meeting Dennis, who is the new coordinator for the bike portion of the event, and Bill, who manages a local ride calendar and more or less heads up an informal bike club. I spoke with Dennis about getting involved with promoting next year’s event and helping out in any way I can. And I rode probably eight or ten miles with Bill, talking about adding a club page to this blog, promoting group rides, rallying around this and the only other charity ride in Lenawee County (the Associated Charities ACDC ride, which is only in its second year), and lots more.

Here are a few things that I think would make a good ride even better, both for the cyclists and for Hospice of Lenawee:

  • Keep the 50K route and use it to encourage beginning riders to participate. Then add a 50K optional for those who want to do a metric century.
  • Save overhead costs and increase fund-raising by charging $5 extra for the ride t-shirt, instead of giving it to participants receiving a free t-shirt as a matter of course. Make the event itself and the free drinks, snacks, and SAG support what they get for their base registration fee.
  • Alternatively (or in addition), add a fund-raising minimum — something small and relatively easy to secure, but enough so that participants are invested in the event and the charity. Or maybe there’s know fund-raising requirement, but riders can get a free t-shirt when they reach a fund-raising goal.
  • Recruit and work with local bike shops and clubs to promote the event, and find ways of utilizing them in running the event.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or ideas? I’m very excited about the what’s happening around here in the world of cycling. I’m looking forward to being part of it. The potential for great things seems to be lying around every bend in the road.

I’m off to Rome tomorrow. Posts are likely to be few and far between over the next week. Apologies in advance. I’ll see what I can do to make it up to you once I’ve returned stateside. Ciao!

PS: Hey, is it cheesy to sport a Castelli cycling/track jacket when in Italy? I don’t want to be looking like a poseur. I’ve got enough issues without treading naively into the treacherous territory of fashion and national identity.