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LMB Photo Contest

The League of Michigan Bicyclists is running its first ever photo contest. Click here to get all the details and to enter. They’re offering some pretty sweet prizes, so give it a go. The deadline is November 19, 2012.


I’m guessing this one wouldn’t be appropriate, huh?


A Seed-Spitting Extravaganza

Ever since Bill starting twisting arms and cajoling folks into volunteering to share the load in leading club rides, those that have stepped up have been intent on setting the bar higher and higher (save for myself, of course, who can’t manage to come up with anything better than sundry jaunts on the pitted roads out of Mitchell Park).

Last night, Bob treated us to a tour of Tipton, which concluded with watermelon and a group photo at his place. Here’s what the ride leader had to say:

Another beautiful evening for another great ride with a good group. We stopped at my house an feasted on watermelon. My wife give a nature talk on the Monarch butterflys that lay eggs on the milkweed. Ride on everyone.

Indeed. It was a positively gorgeous night for a ride, as far as the weather is concerned.

A few items of note:

1. In addition to the rides Bob mentioned in his comment on Monday’s post, don’t forget about the 4th Annual ACDC Ride on September 10 (offering 7- and 14-miles bike path options, as well as 50K and 100K routes), and the 41st Hancock Horizontal Hundred on September 11, in Findlay, OH (offering 20-, 40-, and 62-mile options for those not inclined to do the century). July 24 is the deadline for early registration for the HHH. I’m planning to register for the HHH today. If others are interested, perhaps we can go as a group.

2. Some of us have been talking seriously about getting some custom club jerseys and/or tech fabric t-shirts. I have around three or four interested in the jerseys, and around six or seven interested in the t-shirts. Please drop me a line or post a comment letting me know whether or to what extent you’re interested, and which of the two options you find most appealing. Thanks.

3. Finally, with this post I’ll be signing off for about ten days. I leave Saturday morning for the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Tour, organized by the League of Michigan Bicyclists. My dad and I will be traveling from St. Ignace, through Detour Village, Sault Ste. Marie, Paradise, Newberry, and back to St. Ignace. Well have a rest day on Wednesday in Sault Ste. Marie, so we’re planning to tour Sugar Island and to ride across the border into Canada (where will track our distance in kilometers, of course). I’ve been looking forward to this tour all year. I promise a full report and a heap of pictures upon my return.

Until then, ride happy, safe, and often.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

From the League of Michigan Bicycles June ENews:

Rumble Strips in Michigan-Survey from Wayne State University

The purpose of this survey is to obtain feedback from bicyclists regarding their experiences related to centerline and shoulder rumble strips on high-speed, non-freeways in Michigan. This includes perceptions of impacts on safety and comfort, as well as details of specific bicycle events and highly traveled bicycle routes on roadways with and without rumble strips. Your answers to these survey questions will be used to assist MDOT in evaluation of its rumble strip implementation program and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Click here to access the survey.

LMB has worked with MDOT over the last couple of years to minimize the negative affect of rumble strips on bicyclists. We want to urge you and all of your bicycling friends to give your feedback on this very important issue. They will listen if we “speak.” So please pass this link on.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Two Cool Bits from LMB

Two items of interest from the League of Michigan Bicyclists May Enews:

MDOT promotes bicycling on new website and You Tube.

As National Bike to Work Week (May 16-20) approaches, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is promoting a new video about the benefits and savings of bicycling on the MDOT YouTube channel. [For some reason, the link is not functioning at this time — ed.] It is part of the new “Mi Commute” Web site that includes tips and tools to help with the cost of commuting. The Web site explores bicycling, public transportation, and other modes of travel that may help commuters save precious gas dollars.

Things that make you go hmmm…

According to the Apr. 13th edition of On Your Bike, newsletter of Bicycle Victoria, “Bike riders are more alert and aware of road space and the traffic environment than are drivers, a new research project has found. Riders, with their high position and 180 degrees unimpeded vision, not only see a wider perspective, but also observed further ahead in a line of traffic.””Most cyclists used this perspective to plan for their next moves in the traffic, but it also serves to alert them to likely road situations within the next few minutes. However from the drivers’ perspective, this increased awareness could be seen as risky riding because the driver, with a poorer view, had comparatively less understanding of the road ahead. The findings come from a study which used cameras on helmets and inside cars to record journeys in Melbourne. Participants were also asked to comment on tape about what they were observing on the road…”


Looking for a ride? Check out the LMB Ride Calendar. Have you all already registered for one or all of the four rides supporting local charities in Lenawee County? The Tour de Tecumseh is May 22; Habitat for Humanity of Lenawee Cycle of Hope event is June 4; the Hospice Ride is June 26; and the 2011 ACDC Ride for Associated Charities is September 10 — all part of the unofficially dubbed “Lenawee Classics” series.

Planning for the ACDC Ride is in full swing, and things are shaping up very nicely. This year’s event will again offer the family-friendly bike path routes, but we are extending the distance on the longer routes to 50K and 100K. Preliminary maps of the 50K Route and the 100K Route are available if you’d like to take a gander. Presently, both are a little short of the goal, but that will soon be remedied. Feedback is welcome.

LMB Michigan Bicycle Summit

Anyone interested in going to this year’s Michigan Bicycle Summit in Lansing? I’m giving some serious thought to attending this year, in large part because there will be a workshop of community bike shop. Jim Manley will representing the Re-Bicycle Lenawee Co-op and be part of a panel discussion.

If I go, I’ll only be able to attend Saturday. If others are interested, we could car pool.

Click on the image below for more information and to register.

summit finish

Only a handful of folks turned out for Lenawee County’s first annual Bicycling Advocacy Summit, some curious, others already dedicated. But it would be a grave mistake to regard that as a lack of interest, energy, or momentum. Great things are happening among members of the cycling community in our little corner of the globe, and last night’s meeting was a tasty sampler that whet many an appetite.

Lenawee County's Two-Wheeled Think Tank

Last night’s meeting was anything but a first step. Just a quick look at the original agenda (presently serving as the feature image of this post) will make clear that we’ve already got a lot going on. Last night’s meeting was about how to take the next step. And for that, we turned to the good folks of the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

John Lindenmayer and Rory Neuner of LMB. (Check out John's classic Univega lounging nonchalantly against the back wall.)

Prior to the meeting, John (Associate Director of the LMB) and Rory (Region 6 rep) joined Dave, Henry, and myself for a short jaunt about town. They had a lot of nice things to say about our fair city. Best of all, they confirmed that it’s a bikeable city and there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit that may be ripe for the plucking, for example, streets that are already wide enough to accommodate painted bike lanes for virtually nothing more than the cost of paint and the time to lay the stripe.

Later, we were pleased to learn more about the wealth of resources, networking  opportunities, and support available to us through the LMB, and encouraged to find out that we’re going about things in the right way (e.g., working with a wide variety of organizations in our advocacy efforts). It was also exciting to hear about the things the LMB is doing on the state level in support of Michigan cyclists.

The main focus of the LMB presentation was the Michigan Complete Streets effort.

John makes a fantastically dramatic point.

It isn't too difficult to see downtown Adrian in this picture. Just imagine...

Rather than rehearse all the details here, I’ll direct you to the Michigan Complete Streets website where you can find out everything you want to know and more. Complete Streets is something we’ll be looking into further in the months ahead. At the recommendation of John and Rory, Jim and I have already discussed getting to work on a self-study to see where we stand in relation to the League of American BicyclistsBicycle Friendly Community” designation.

The big news of the evening as far as the local scene is concerned was Jim’s official announcement regarding the Re-Bicycle Lenwee program and ABCo-op.

Very exciting stuff.

This is the sort of thing that can spark revitalization of an entire city block.

Look for more details on the project and pictures of the building tomorrow.

Our gathering even garnered a nod on the LMB Twitter feed:

John and Rory left us with a stack of literature — 2101 Michigan Ride Calendars, “What Every Michigan Cyclist Should Know” guides, the current issue of Michigan Bicycles Magazine, Complete Streets fact sheets highlighting reasons why we need Complete Streets (e.g., health, environment, Economy, and Safety), membership forms for joining the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition, and LMB bumper stickers. All of this are available to anyone interested at Adrian Locksmith & Cyclery.

We have our work cut out, and we’re eager to move forward, but for now only one question remains: why is it so much easier to get excited and motivated about this stuff than it is about the manuscript I have due to the publisher in less than two months? Ugh.

Finally, apropos of nothing, as my wife is so fond of saying, here’s a picture of my shoes…

...because cycling shoes are funky, and my mind wanders even in the most gripping of meetings.

LMB virtual lobby day

On behalf of the League of Michigan Bicyclists…

Please participate in our Virtual Lobby Day being held tomorrow, March 11th in conjunction with the National Bike Summit in Washington DC.

Today, March 11, the League of Michigan Bicyclists is leading a delegation of 13 Michigan cycling advocates to lobby for Complete Streets and more funding and federal support for bicycling in Michigan. We have a full day of meetings scheduled with Michigan Congresspeople and are asking you to back up our face to face efforts with phone calls from back home.  Specifically, please help us generate support for H.R. 4722.

Last week, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced a groundbreaking new bill to support bicycling and walking: the Active Community Transportation Act (H.R.4722). This bill creates a competitive grant program with $2 Billion to help communities build bicycling and walking networks. For the first time, communities would be able to compete for multi-year funding to build active transportation systems, just as they do for transit and road infrastructure.

When you call, you can use these talking points:

  • Bicycling and walking are part of the solution. Half of all trips in the United States are three miles or less, yet the majority of these short trips are made by car. Shifting more of these short trips to biking and walking would not only reduce congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and our dependence on oil, but will also improve physical activity, safety and livability.
  • Investing in bicycling and walking infrastructure works. Commuting by bicycle has increased 43 percent since 2000 – and by 69 percent in designated Bicycle Friendly Communities that have invested in infrastructure improvements.
  • Please co-sponsor the Active Community Transportation Act (H.R.4722).

Here are the phone numbers for all the Michigan Congress people:

  • Senator Carl Levin (D- MI)   202-224-6221
  • Senator Debbie Stabenow (D- MI)  202-224-4822
  • Representative Bart Stupak (D – 01)  202-225-4735
  • Representative Pete Hoekstra (R – 02)  202-225-4401
  • Representative Vern Ehlers (R – 03)  202-225-3831
  • Representative Dave Camp (R – 04)  202-225-3561
  • Representative Dale E. Kildee (D – 05)  202-225-3611
  • Representative Fred Upton (R – 06)  202-225-3761
  • Representative Mark Schauer (D – 07)  202-225-6276
  • Representative Mike Rogers (R – 08)  202-225-4872
  • Representative Gary Peters (D – 09)  202-225-5802
  • Representative Candice Miller (R – 10)  202-225-2106
  • Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R – 11)  202-225-8171
  • Representative Sandy Levin (D – 12)  202-225-4961
  • Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick (D – 13)  202-225-2261
  • Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D – 14)  202-225-5126
  • Representative John D. Dingell (D – 15)  202-225-4071

Don’t know who your Congressperson is?  Visit and enter your address to find out.

Learn more about the ACT Act at:

Download the issue paper on the ACT Act (and Complete Streets Bill) at:

Please don’t forget to call on Thursday, March 11th, to be part of the National Bike Summit Lobby Day.

John Lindenmayer
Associate Director – League of Michigan Bicyclists