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Traveling Light

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome back.

It is painfully clear that, for any number of reasons, I just don’t have what it takes to keep this blog going strong. By the same token, however, the site has become a rather valuable resource to a fairly large cross-section of bicycle enthusiasts in southeast Michigan. Hence, to abandon it altogether (formally, that is) seems ill-advised.

So, I’ve decided to follow a different route. In the spirit of randonneuring, I’m going to travel light and lively. I’m going to shed the cumbersome trappings of my bulky blog, and, donning only what will fit neatly in my jersey pockets and seat bag, focus greater attention on micro-blogging via Twitter (@velofolk) and Instagram (reading_elliott).

There might, on occasion, be something posted here at Hadrian on a Bicycle. The ride calendar, I think, will continue to run here, and my Twitter feed will remain live. But if you really want to be part of the action and stay up-to-date on local rides, gatherings, and news of interest to cyclists of all stripes in and around Lenawee County, fetch yourself a free Twitter account and tuck into the paceline.

See you soon.


LiveCentred Half Marathon

The Centre is running a half-marathon on Saturday, September 15, starting at 8a. They are in need of cyclists to lead and pace the runners.

If you’re interested, please contact Tom Durbin via email, or by phone at 517-403-7687. If you’d like to know more about the event and/or to register as a participant, click here.

2013 Tour de Cure

This just in:

Early-bird registration for our 2013 Michigan Tour de Cure, taking place on June 15 in Brighton, starts today and runs through next Tuesday, August 21.

Visit and use promo code ‘EARLYBIRD’ to register for only $5—that’s $10 off of our current registration fee and the lowest online registration we’ll offer this year!

Bonus: Register online in August and you’ll be qualified to win one of three $250 gift cards!

You can also visit our tent at the Birmingham Bike Festival on Sunday, August 26, in Birmingham, Mich., for free registration.

Either way, we hope you’ll join us in 2013!

I would really, really like to organize a team for the 2013 Tour de Cure in Brighton, and to participate in the event as a club. We could do some fun fundraising together as a club throughout the year, ride the same route together wearing our custom club t-shirts or jerseys, and celebrate together afterward in our team tent (provided we raise enough as a team by the deadline). What say you?

If you’re interested, let me know. And either way, I hope you’ll consider being part of the 2013 Tour de Cure, and take advantage of this great offer of an early registration discount. (Note: If you’re planning to ride as part of our group, join “Team Hadrian” when you register.)

LMB Photo Contest

The League of Michigan Bicyclists is running its first ever photo contest. Click here to get all the details and to enter. They’re offering some pretty sweet prizes, so give it a go. The deadline is November 19, 2012.


I’m guessing this one wouldn’t be appropriate, huh?

making the grade

The Fat Cyclist posted a great piece on grades and climbing yesterday that’s well worth the read. The article does a very nice job of not only explaining what grade percentages mean, but also how they actually feel, which I’m sure is a much more accurate gauge for most of us to go by.

After reading his piece, I spent some time on Map My Ride, which provides an elevation chart for each map created, to get a sense of what sorts of climbs we have around here.

More often than not, most of us ride the stretch of Wilmoth between Sutton and Laberdee from north to south. Going that direction, you have a quarter-mile section at 3%. The climb is actually more difficult if you go in the reverse direction, where you’ll hit a 4% grade.

Hawkins Highway, between Slee and Laird, has quarter-mile sections that hit 3% and 6%.

Meanwhile, the beast hill I climbed on Sugar Island while on the MUP tour has a quarter-mile section that hits 7%.

All things considered, I really don’t know how accurate this information is. What are your thoughts? I’m also interested in hearing what you have to say generally about climbs in our area. Are there others you’ve done that would provide good points of comparison (or that you think we should try on the next club ride)?

Speaking of club rides, we had a great turn out last night. Thanks to everyone who came. There is talk of a Labor Day outing to Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan, 30 miles each way with lunch in between. Chime in if your interested, and help spread the word.

Watermelon Wanderers

Regrettably, I missed this past Monday’s club ride in Tipton. Fortunately however, Bob was kind enough to share the following:

We started out the watermelon ride from Tipton with 14 eager riders on a warm Monday evening ride. Two new riders that have joined us for their second ride was Jeff and Greg. I’m sure they will be back with us . John had a flat just before getting to the Pentecost Junction store and I backtracked and pumped his tire up so that he could make it to the store to change it. Bill had a blowout just before reaching Springville Highway from Lock Erin and  John went back to Tipton to get his truck to rescue Bill. We ended up with 11 riders for watermelon at my house as some had departed for home. It was a good evening for some fellowship.

Yes, a good time was had by all. Of course, had I been along, those flats never would have happened. Sorry I missed it.

See you all tonight.

OneLenawee Complete Streets Initiative

UPDATE: At the last meeting of the OneLenawee “Complete Streets” task force, Mark Gasche provided copies of the Inventory & Analysis of Natural Corridors, Greenways Study and the Raisin Township and Tecumseh maps of potential trailways, and Jeff Pardee provided a sample Complete Streets resolution.

Here is the link to the Complete Streets Presentation, which was mentioned in my last post concerning this effort. I encourage you to check it out.

The consensus of attendees was that we proceed with a two-pronged effort to advance the objective of making Lenawee County much more user-friendly for bicyclers, walkers and handicapped individuals:

1.  Develop a draft proposed map of what a bike/walking trails network through-out Lenawee County might look like.  Mark Gasche, Chris Miller, Ted Crockett and Joe Wagley agreed to create this map, perhaps with help from others who may have knowledge that could be helpful regarding this issue.  Keith Dersham offered to research Lenawee County abandoned rail corridors.

2.  Create awareness and broad support for the Complete Streets initiative:
a.  The YMCA will create and maintain a data base of individuals who may be able to help present the Complete Streets story and resolution to Lenawee County municipalities.  The data base will help us identify any gaps in our coverage.  Please send your suggestions, with contact information, to Sue Smith, who has kindly offered to create the data base.
b.  Determine where the state Municipal Township Association stands regarding Complete Streets.  Chris Miller agreed to make this inquiry.
c.  Make the Complete Streets presentation to the Lenawee MTA Chapter.
d.  Meet with Road Commission Managing Director, Scott Merillat.
e.  Meet with the appropriate person at Region 2 Planning Commission.
f.   Make a Complete Streets presentation to the Lenawee County Commissioners Quarterly Legislative Dinner.
g.  Presentations will be made to Lenawee townships, villages and cities, with the objective of each municipality adopting a Complete Streets resolution or ordinance.

The next meeting will be at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 2nd at the Tecumseh City Hall.  I strongly urge all interested parties, especially all area cyclists, to attend.