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Watermelon Wanderers

Regrettably, I missed this past Monday’s club ride in Tipton. Fortunately however, Bob was kind enough to share the following:

We started out the watermelon ride from Tipton with 14 eager riders on a warm Monday evening ride. Two new riders that have joined us for their second ride was Jeff and Greg. I’m sure they will be back with us . John had a flat just before getting to the Pentecost Junction store and I backtracked and pumped his tire up so that he could make it to the store to change it. Bill had a blowout just before reaching Springville Highway from Lock Erin and  John went back to Tipton to get his truck to rescue Bill. We ended up with 11 riders for watermelon at my house as some had departed for home. It was a good evening for some fellowship.

Yes, a good time was had by all. Of course, had I been along, those flats never would have happened. Sorry I missed it.

See you all tonight.

No Sleep Til…

…BROOKLYN! This one’s for all you fellas’ (the ladies won’t ride with us anymore) who kicked it up Hawkins Highway on last night’s Maple Wheelers’ ride.

We had a jolly ol’ time pedaling about north of Onsted. Upon arrival in Brooklyn, we stopped by the best ice cream joint we’ve hit to date on a club ride. As Bart and I vie for which of us will be dubbed Le Velo of the group, the girls behind the counter clearly cast their vote, giving me the biggest single-scoop ice cream cone I’ve ever seen in my life, and sending Bart away with a dainty little helping. (The comments area is now open for snarky remarks about whether or to what extent size matters.)

Afterward, Bob treated us to a stellar tour of a little known cul-de-sac in south Brooklyn. It was magical.

Another semester gets underway in two weeks, and an awareness of the season drawing to a close looms overhead. Time is running short as far as the Maple Wheelers rides are concerned. I hope you’ll make a point to join us for the rides that remain. See you Monday in Morenci.

Our Town

A record nineteen people (it’s official, now, because I’ve clearly stated, “a record…”) showed up for last night’s spectacular, first-annual, High-Rise Ride, led by the inimitable Tom McNaughton, who even picked up the tab on the cooler full of frozen treats.

Everyone was there, from Russell, who is training for an Ironman, to Norman, who had never climbed Wilmoth before, but did so last night on a recumbent trike.

For better or worse, the ride spread out a lot, but no one seemed to mind too terribly much, and everyone ultimately hung in. Bob flatted on the final leg, providing John, Bill, and myself with a good opportunity to stand around and do nothing while he swapped out a fresh tube. No, wait; that’s not true. Bill took this picture.

At one point, Tom even chased two deer, proving that he is, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. (Take a second, and click that link.) Of course, I would have been far more impressed, personally, had he caught one. I mean, anybody can chase a deer.

OK, enough of that. The highlight of the night, what everyone turned out for, was the chance to see our fair city from atop the apartment complex at the corner of Church and College.

If anyone can tell me what on earth "the other Tom" is doing in this picture, I'll give you a dollar. The comments section is open.

That was a wicked sweet. You never know what you’ll get at a Maple Wheelers ride. Sure, most of the time you can guess, and it’s rarely something you’d choose to relive if given the option. But occasionally, it’s something legitimately cool. (There are rumors, by the way, of a watermelon stop on the Wednesday night ride. Just sayin’.)

With Friends Like These

It’s been a while since I last extolled the virtues of the local Maple Wheelers club. But it’s important that you understand fully what a magnanimous bunch of folks they are. Here’s an illustration.

Last night, while I was sequestered in a small basement room participating in a three-and-a-half hour meeting, they were out enjoying a beautiful evening on their bicycles, and they were kind enough to send me this picture … while I was still actually in the meeting. Does it get anymore thoughtful than that? I think not.

This was Lauren’s inaugural ride on her swanky Trek Lexa. Lauren, I know, is destined for cycling greatness, and I really hate that I missed the first opportunity to watch her drop these guys like a bad habit! Welcome to the club, Lauren. There’s no turning back now.

up and coming

Yeah, yeah, long time, no post. So what. What’s one to do when there’s nothing going on and the budget for shiny, new bike bits is flat busted? We’re all just trying to get by, right, biding our time until the weather breaks, school lets out, daylight is extended, and we get back to our two-wheelin’ ways.

We’re on spring break this week, and I’ve found myself wearing whatever items of cycling-themed and summer-weight apparel I can reasonably get away with. This morning, I sent my youngest daughter to daycare wearing a Red Radio Shack cycling cap for show-and-tell, which is featuring the letter “R” this week.

Last night, I caught a one-hour highlight reel of the Tour of Oman on Versus. If you’re interested, coverage of Paris-Nice begins Sunday, at 4p. You really don’t have to be into racing. It’s just a great way to get amped up about riding again.

More importantly, back on the home front, it’s shaping up to be a big year for cycling in Lenawee county. In addition to the Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, & Bike Tour in June, and the fourth annual ACDC Ride in September, two new organized events are taking shape.

On May 21, the Tecumseh Center for the Arts is sponsoring the tentatively named “Tour de Tecumseh,” which will off a heap of family-friendly fun as well as a long route for seasoned riders.

Then, on June 4, Habitat For Humanity of Lenawee is hosting the “Lenawee Cycle of Hope—Ride to Tabitha’s House,” which will also offer opportunities for casual and serious riders alike.

Stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, I’m still in search of members for the 2011 Team Hadrian Tour de Cure squad and seeking sponsors. The event is Saturday, June 11, in Brighton.

And local club rides will most likely kick off unofficially in April (if not sooner), but look for the official Maple Wheelers’ ride calendar to begin circulating in May. Anyone interested in  a ride on March 13 to celebrate the return of Daylight Savings Time, and/or March 20 to welcome the first day of spring?

You best get your bike tuned up.

hills and curves

All I’ll say is that you had to be there in order to fully appreciate my post title, which, believe it or not, is perhaps one the most astute and succinct bits of social commentary qua theory of everything I’ve ever heard.

So, while you were on the couch, the Maple Wheelers were kickin’ it taco style one last time at the twilight of the season.

Daniel showing everyone what the photo on his drivers license looks like

what things might have looked like after going over the handlbars. of course, our mad riding skills are far too deft for that.

glinski strikes a contador

the last time we were in Bill's rearview

code name: Bob's-a-blur

Mark and his amazin' technicolor dream jersey

I thought we were riding into the sunset, but it turned out to just be Mark. (I can get away with saying stuff like that because he doesn’t read the blog. Otherwise, he’d probably kick a stick into my spokes.)

All pics courtesy of Bill the Great, leader of rides and a prince among … well, those of us who ride together, whatever we are. Thanks, Bill.

Prior to the celebratory beers and tacos, the ride concluded with an inglorious ascent up a beast of a climb on Rome road, just before you reach Geneva Highway if heading east from Townley Highway. Some thought it worse than Wilmoth; others thought it less so. Either way, thanks to Marisa egging everyone on, we all tackled it, and that ensured an equal share of grimaces and grins.


Momentum is really building with the Adrian College Cycling Club (ACCC).

Among other things, the club just helped push through a move to get additional bike racks ordered and placed around all of the academic buildings on campus. We’re meeting every other Tuesday evening, and putting together club rides whenever we can.

We’re still trying to assemble a couple of pedal-powered blenders we can use to make smoothies to sell as a fundraiser. I have the blenders. If you can help with assembly, let me know.

In case anyone is unclear, I’m the old, relatively ugly fellow toward the middle, the one with the bald spot.

If you’re interested, there’s an article about us in this week’s edition of the student paper (The College World). And if anyone is free and would like a chance to interact with club members and college alums over the course of a very easygoing ride out-and-back on the bike path, we’re hosting the first annual Bulldog Ride on Homecoming weekend. Click here for further details.