OneLenawee Complete Streets Initiative

UPDATE: At the last meeting of the OneLenawee “Complete Streets” task force, Mark Gasche provided copies of the Inventory & Analysis of Natural Corridors, Greenways Study and the Raisin Township and Tecumseh maps of potential trailways, and Jeff Pardee provided a sample Complete Streets resolution.

Here is the link to the Complete Streets Presentation, which was mentioned in my last post concerning this effort. I encourage you to check it out.

The consensus of attendees was that we proceed with a two-pronged effort to advance the objective of making Lenawee County much more user-friendly for bicyclers, walkers and handicapped individuals:

1.  Develop a draft proposed map of what a bike/walking trails network through-out Lenawee County might look like.  Mark Gasche, Chris Miller, Ted Crockett and Joe Wagley agreed to create this map, perhaps with help from others who may have knowledge that could be helpful regarding this issue.  Keith Dersham offered to research Lenawee County abandoned rail corridors.

2.  Create awareness and broad support for the Complete Streets initiative:
a.  The YMCA will create and maintain a data base of individuals who may be able to help present the Complete Streets story and resolution to Lenawee County municipalities.  The data base will help us identify any gaps in our coverage.  Please send your suggestions, with contact information, to Sue Smith, who has kindly offered to create the data base.
b.  Determine where the state Municipal Township Association stands regarding Complete Streets.  Chris Miller agreed to make this inquiry.
c.  Make the Complete Streets presentation to the Lenawee MTA Chapter.
d.  Meet with Road Commission Managing Director, Scott Merillat.
e.  Meet with the appropriate person at Region 2 Planning Commission.
f.   Make a Complete Streets presentation to the Lenawee County Commissioners Quarterly Legislative Dinner.
g.  Presentations will be made to Lenawee townships, villages and cities, with the objective of each municipality adopting a Complete Streets resolution or ordinance.

The next meeting will be at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 2nd at the Tecumseh City Hall.  I strongly urge all interested parties, especially all area cyclists, to attend.


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