up with people

I just returned yesterday from the League of Michigan Bicyclists’ 2012 Upper Peninsula Tour. What a fantastic week — the best of my entire summer, hands down.

Throughout the coming week, I’ll be posting more on the day to day happenings of the ride (hopefully, along with some pictures if folks make good on their promises to send them to me). But for now, I just want to give a great big “on your left!” shout out, and a very heartfelt tip of the cycling cap, to all the beautiful, warm, lovely people I met and hung out with for the last eight days.

In no particular order, here’s to you…

  • Liz and Vivia from Kentucky and Missouri, respectively (Thanks for providing me with the perfect traveling soundtrack, among so many other things.)
  • Jan and Jill from Ohio (Congrats on completing your first tour, Jan. And thanks to you both for ensuring that I’ll never again look at pigs the same way.)
  • Chris and his wife, whose name I can’t recall (sorry!), from Midland (Good luck with the fall semester, Chris. I look forward riding in your neck of the woods sometime.)
  • Linda and Mary (You two are good times; that’s all there is to it.)
  • Frank (You’re one of a kind, brother.)
  • Dale and Julianne (It was nice thinking and discussing deep thoughts with you on Sugar Island. Is there anything better to do on a bicycle?)
  • Jeremy, the civil engineer from Chicago who rides in Chuck Taylors and digs Flogging Molly
  • Alan, also from Chicago (How’d you make out at that class reunion?)
  • Bob and Jeanne (Congrats on your first tour Jeanne! I’m glad you all shared a pint with us at the Soo Brewing Company.)
  • Tim and his wife, whose name I can’t recall (sorry!), who rode beautiful handmade Waterford touring bicycles.
  • Dale and Lynn from Minnesota (I can think of absolutely no more fitting a word to say to you than, “Cheers!”)
  • Linda, Mattie-Rose, and Cliff from Adrian! (It was wicked great meeting you. Linda and Mattie: you are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met; you’re like characters in a novel. I hope to see the two of you on a club ride soon.)
  • Chad from Ohio (How on earth did you talk me into climbing that hill on Sugar Island? Good Lord, man! What did I ever do to you?)
  • John from Minnesota (Seriously, you had to climb the aforementioned hill twice? You’re an animal!)
  • Faith and her husband, whose name I can’t recall (sorry!), from Georgia (Let’s hear it for smart neighbors. I’ll miss that soothing southern drawl of yours.)
  • Roger (Thanks for the tips on self-supported touring, brother; I’ll see you on the road.)
  • Katie from Indianapolis (You’re going to make an outstanding teacher. Good luck wrapping up your degree program this year.)

You all are such a spectacular bunch of folks. (And to those of you whom I failed to list, I am genuinely sorry, because you’re every bit as swell as these folks; I promise.) Thank you all for a terrific week. I’m so glad our paths crossed, and I deeply hope they cross again very soon. One way or another, I’ll see you down the road.

Finally, sincerest thanks to Rich, Kristy, Jenny, Jim, and every single one of the volunteers who made this such a successful and well-run tour. I heard nothing but good things being said by my fellow riders. We appreciate you and all you do very, very much. Thanks again.


5 responses to “up with people

  1. Thanks, Scott, for sharing your memories of the trip! I heartily agree it was a great ride and great folks (even if I didn’t learn how to play pig!). It was great to just ride, eat, rest, visit, and have my mind on free-wheel for a week. Thanks to all!

    • Thanks, Vivia, and thanks especially for providing us with a link to your blog. You’ve posted some lovely pictures! (Of course now I’m feeling even more pressure to get my act together and post some pictures and reflections of my own on last week’s tour!)

  2. Wow, we’re famous! Thanks for the shout-out, Scott. And many more thanks for the good camaraderie, and the ever-so-slight twisting of the arm to get us to the Soo Brewery. Regina and I enjoyed spending time together, though next time we’ll give you the heads-up on the size of the burgers in Sault Ste Marie.

    Be sure to send an email when you’re thinking of hitting the Pere Marquette Rail Trail, or other cycling in the Midland area. And good luck on your semester start-up, too.

  3. I will have to agree that the MUP ride this year was my best….and not because of my fitness level…. but because of all the great camaraderie. Thank you Scott, for your encouragement and “atta girl” comments…and for carrying me in your “draft” when I was tired.
    What a great group. I laughed until I cried on more than one occasion and what could be better than that?
    Rich…..how was the reunion? And…pictures?
    Dale and Lynn. Let us know how the Shoreline West ride was. We’re planning to make that one next year.
    Jan and Jill. Thanks for including me in your post-ride camping. It was the perfect let-down. I plan to see you all at the Pumpkin Festival!
    And to my sister Vivia……I so enjoyed spending time with you. Funny how we are so much alike! I look forward to seeing you soon.
    I hope you’ll get some cooler temperatures soon.