OneLenawee and Complete Streets

At the June 29th meeting of OneLenwee, the consensus was that the group’s goal should be to get all Lenawee communities to adopt Complete Streets as part of their planning process.

It was decided that the steps to move the Complete Streets initiative forward should begin with creation of a map showing what a bike and walking trails network in Lenawee County might look like.  Mark Gasche agreed to lead the effort to create the map, consulting with others who may be able to help.

The group will then meet with an expanded group (Task Force) on Thursday, July 19th, at 9:00 a.m. in the Adrian Library.  After they assemble the Task Force, they will schedule meetings with key decision makers, probably starting with officials in the county and in those localities through which the trails shown on the map would run, to whom we will present the Complete Streets presentation, our proposed map and proposed ordinances.  They would also mount an effort to create broader awareness and support by meeting with as many local governmental units as possible.

Several candidates for the Task Force were mentioned at the meeting, including bicycle enthusiasts and others.  They group is inviting anyone who is interested and might contribute to the effort to attend the next meeting.  A Complete Streets Power Point presentation will hopefully be available soon. Meanwhile, additional references include the websites for Complete Streets and Michigan Complete Streets.

Please let me or someone with the OneLenawee group know if you are planning to attend. Also, if anyone has information regarding abandoned railroad beds in Lenawee County (location, ownership, etc.), it would be much appreciated if that information could be forwarded to Mark Gasche.


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