power to the people

Don’t you love that feeling of hitting the half-way point on a long ride? I do. So here’s a shout out to People for Bikes who just hit the half-way mark toward their goal of “collecting one million pledges for a better future for bicycling.”

Have you signed the pledge, yet? If not, Bike Month seems like a fantastic time to do so. Click on the image below to join the ranks.

PFB is presently circulating a video to help inspire folks to join. My first thought upon seeing it was this: Which of our local riders was the body double? I’m certain I’ve seen elements of Rex’s kit on the roads of Lenawee County.

Of course, if this isn’t enough to remind you that we’re all a bunch of dorks, each in her or his own way, perhaps this one will help you better appreciate that fact. Embrace, my friends. Just embrace it.


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