2012 ACDC Ride: time to speak up

Planning for the 2012 ACDC Ride will be underway very soon. Here’s your chance to take some ownership of this local community activity.

1. For starters, let us hear from you. What have you liked about the event in past years? What would you like to see change? What recommendations for you have for things that should be added? What are your suggestions for attracting more participants? Please post a comment and get some conversation going on this. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

2. Is there anyway you can help out in a more concrete way? Would you like to sit in on one or two of the planning meetings? Do you know any local business owners who might be willing to sponsor the event? Do you have any friends or family members who might be willing to volunteer to host a rest station, drive a SAG vehicle, or handle some other task? Would you be willing to help promote the event via Facebook or some other social media outlet, or by posting flyers and spreading the word in other ways?

Don’t limit yourself to these ideas; suggest some of your own. What do you have to offer? Just a small investment from a bunch of folks will produce exponential results. Thanks for giving it some thought.


3 responses to “2012 ACDC Ride: time to speak up

  1. I’d love to help out with this. I do know a business owner or 2 who’d more than likely be willing to sponsor the event, and I’ll help spread the word via FB, flyers, etc.
    Please send me information as to the where and when of the planning meetings so I can fit them into my schedule.

    • Terrific! Thanks, Patricia. I will definitely keep you and everyone else posted. And I’ll be happy to provide you with whatever you need to help you promote the event to friends and associates. Thanks again!

  2. UPDATE: The first planning meeting for this year’s ACDC Ride will be Tuesday, May 15, 5p, at the Associated Charities (221 South Tecumseh Street, Adrian). All are welcome.