Rumors concerning a recent spate of bike purchases (all of which have been carefully and expertly confirmed) indicate that Lenawee locals are gearing up to roll.

Here’s the tally thus far: my sister-in-law Tanya got one. (OK, technically, she’s not from Lenawee County, but she began her bike search at Aberdeen Bike and Outdoors while visiting over Christmas.) Claudia and Hannah each got one. I got one (finally!) and then talked Meredith into getting one (much to my surprise!). Dave got one, in his own way: a 1984 Schwinn Voyageur, wouldn’t you know. Gina’s getting one soon. Tony’s getting one sooner.

What’s so cool about this is that half of these folks are pretty much new to riding, and a couple of those that remain, though causal riders previously, are now displaying symptoms of a growing addiction.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked others. Anyone else out pick up some new wheels since last season? Let us know by posting a comment. (Accompanying pictures are more than welcome.)


5 responses to “brand-spankin’

  1. What did you get a new BH G5?

  2. Im looking forward to riding and seeing all the new bikes. I cant wait to see Dave’s Voyageur. Since last riding season I have picked up 7 “new” bikes. Bout to have a new bike for every ride. haha Gonna be a good time.

  3. If you’re cashing in then I thought you would go with the

    Those kids do not need money for college, they get free tuition as long as you stay employed at AC.

    • Oh. I’m actually picking up one of those next week.

      And concerning the kids not needing tuition, that’s precisely what I was thinking! Besides, book learnin’ is overrated anyway.