One Better

Last Saturday, Adrian hosted the 4th annual ACDC Ride. I’m still waiting to get the numbers on attendance and the amount of money raised for The Charities, but I feel confident in saying that, while attendance appeared to have been a little lower than last year (and way lower than what I think it should and ultimately will be), I think we may have raised more money than last year.

Either way, the event overall continues to get better. I heard nothing but good things about the routes; the SAG drivers did an outstanding job of covering the routes; the rest stops were excellent; the volunteers running the event were amazing; and the after party was terrifically fun (thanks in large part to a mighty tasty lunch and activities for the youngens). Sincerest thanks to everyone who came out in support of the ride. I really appreciate it.

Even though this year’s routes were longer, 62 miles just isn’t enough for some people, over-achievers that they are. Case in point: here’s what Amy did.

Yeah, Amy! You rock. A few weeks ago, Dave bagged his first century this season. Nice work, Dave. And, on Saturday, Patricia returned to the start at Trestle Park grinning ear to ear, raving about how she hit a personal best averaging 15mph over 60 miles. Way to go, Patricia! Anyone else wrapping up the season with major feat? The comments area is open. Brag on.


2 responses to “One Better

  1. I recently rolled over my spedo. to 7,000 miles (not sure what it was at at the beginning of the season) but that’s combined with almost the whole month of July off due to wedding stuff as well as riding 3 other bikes. Oh and I started my own blog. -you said to brag….

  2. “Nice job!” to Amy…that’s awesome!

    And a big Thanks and Great Job to Scott and all the volunteers at the ride.