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2 responses to “PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

  1. I just received the following email. Nice work, everyone.

    Earlier this evening the Senate passed a clean extension of the surface transportation program until March 31, 2012. The measure passed by a vote of (92-6).

    The League would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time this week to participate in our campaign to urge your Senators to pass a clean extension of the transportation bill in opposition of Senator Coburn’s (R-OK) efforts to strip Transportation Enhancements from the bill.

    Due in very large part to your participation the League generated over 10,000 messages to Senate offices, this number combined with other national advocacy groups brought the total number of messages sent to Senate offices to well over 45000. In the face of such a resounding response Mr. Coburn eventually gave up his opposition to the bill. THIS TIME.

    Bicycle and pedestrian advocates and enthusiasts are certainly a passionate group and over the course of the next six months as Congress continues to debate the next transportation authorization bill we will need to call on you again. We fully expect the next battle to be even more challenging.

    Thanks again.

    Walter Finch
    Advocacy Director
    League of American Bicyclists