Long Live Livonia

So, one week ago today, Dennis S. and I rode 150 miles, from Montague to Bay City, for the One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM). How pitiful and pathetic is it that I could even manage to publish a post on what was, to date, the biggest ride of my life?

I suppose I should give you, at some point, a full report. But the gist is that it was an awesome ride. I can’t believe I did it. I averaged 16.9mph, allowing me to finish in about ten-and-a-half hours with stops. (Ride time was under 9 hours.) Thanks to relatively cool temperatures, grey skies, and riding around 20 miles in the rain, I ended the ride wearing arm warmers and a vest … in August. Nuts.

Meredith and Kay were our personal SAG drivers, and they did a wicked good job of it. Meredith met me at the finish with cheeseburgers, hot coffee, and cold beer. Perfect. I would say she’s well on her to ditching the day job and becoming a soigneur for a professional team.

OK, this post isn’t about ODRAM. It’s about a new blog, called “Livonia Cycle,” curated by none other than our old chum Daniel. Drop by and have a look.


3 responses to “Long Live Livonia

  1. Hey Scott , congratulations on your 150 mile ride , I knew you could do it , but good grief you must have smoked those tires at that average. Whew!!! Bob

  2. what he neglected to tell you guys is that they did the last 50-60 miles in pouring rain.

    rock stars.