Last night’s Maple Wheelers ride was great (a severe understatement, to be sure). Here’s a link to the route map if you care to take a gander. And while the ride itself takes pride of place (a nice route, somewhat longer than usual, covered in two hours to the minute), it was what unfolded in the final leg that was most deeply appreciated and is certain to be remembered for a good long time to come. Fellow cyclists of every ilk, here, for your sinister pleasure, deep enjoyment, and delicious satisfaction, I offer you a glimpse of the Fates’ favor.

As the bulk of us were crossing Chicago Blvd. on Occidental, a driver, eager to make the light, swerved around us, made ample use of his horn, and then threw a an assortment of nasty looks and accompanying hand gestures in our general direction (which we happily returned in kind, of course.) Moments later, a police officer, who had been waiting in the westbound left-hand turn lane on Chicago Blvd., flipped on his lights and gave chase. Apparently, our righteously indignant scofflaw had run the light after it turned red.

The lead group mashed the pedals in hot pursuit, quickly caught up to the aforementioned parties stopped at the side of the road, and photographed the incident as we coasted by with a newfound swagger. The look on the driver’s face was positively priceless.

Comments are now open for snarky remarks and celebratory banter, and sophomoric revelry. Have at it.


5 responses to “Catharsis

  1. is that his KID in the car?

    either way, three cheers for karmic retribution that you actually get to witness! i’m unsure what that would do to one’s own karma (the gleeful witnessing of said retribution), but i’m willing to bet that it’s worth it.

  2. Justice!

    Also bums me out that I didn’t make it out for this ride when I was fully planning on it.

  3. I think that’s funny. Glad he got what was coming to him. For the sake of the village scribe not getting into trouble, I suggest perhaps blocking out the drivers eyes and license plate unless you got his permission to post the photo. I doubt anyone would make a big deal about it, but then again, you never know.

    I was riding around Walled lake yesterday for the first time and it reminded me a lot of devils lake and our taco rides. Lo and behold coming around the bend on the SE corner of the lake there was a mexican restaurant. It made me laugh. I miss you guys and I hope your rides are just as much fun as I remember.

    • It is legal to photograph strangers and publish said photos as long as the person was on public property when the photo was taken and the photo is not being used commercially, like in an advertisement for example.

      Hopefully this guy will think twice before going into aggro driver mode again!

  4. darn! that would’ve been a good one to see!
    ticket from police officer, x amount of dollers….. the look on his face for being stupid, priceless!
    i guess there are police officers around when you do need them!