All the News That Isn’t

I think my blog is dying. Sigh. Alas, it’s becoming increasingly clear that (gasp!) I’m running out of things to say. I have more readers than ever (which is not to say a lot, but definitely a greater number), and it’s obvious that the blog has played a meaningful role in our cycling community. Hence, I’m loath to shut it down entirely. But if it’s to continue, much less improve, I’ve got to figure out some way to solicit more content and/or to recruit some writers. Any suggestions?

Speaking of things dying, when I last checked, this year’s ACDC Ride had only a handful of sponsors and a similar number of registrants. It pains me to say it, but the future of this event is looking grim. At this point, I’m beginning to question whether we’ll even pull it off this year, let alone next year and the ones to follow. PLEASE register for this event as soon as possible, and do everything you can to help spread the word.

Everyone who registers early is guaranteed a t-shirt in their size on the day of the event, and automatically in the running for a pretty cool door prize (your choice of a digital camera, an MP4 player, a 133-piece tool set, or a gardening set).

Many of you have been wondering about the routes. I’m happy to report that they were finalized this weekend. Click here for the 50K route. Click here to view the 100K route. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work Canandaigua into the route like I had hoped, but you’ll be pleased to find no 10-mile westward stretches into the wind. (Be forewarned, however: there some bumpy roads. We live in Lenawee County, after all, so the only alternatives are macadam and highways.)

Looking forward, I welcome (that is to say, I desperately petition) any ideas on what we can do (and how) to develop this into the premiere cycling event that it has the potential to be. And along with that, I invite you to be involved with the planning, promotion, and running of the event, no matter what sort of riding you do. In fact, a variety of interests and skills would go a long, I think, in making light work and a better event for everyone.

On much brighter notes, if all goes well, today I’ll turn over 3,000 miles on the year, just in time for ODRAM. And better yet, check out this wicked sweet video from the guy behind Performance and Le Velo. (Thanks to Dave for sending it in.)

Hope to see you all tonight at TECUMSEH MIDDLE SCHOOL for a 25-mile jaunt between Tecumseh, Macon, and Clinton. We roll out at 6p.


3 responses to “All the News That Isn’t

  1. Scott, I haven’t answers to your concerns. Your blog is next behind my E-mail on my favorites list and while I don’t comment often, I do check it regularly for happenings in our area, and I for one feel your blog serves a vital role to the cycling community here. Please don’t discontinue it!

    As for the annual ACDC ride, I plan to attend as always. It is my understanding that the Tecumseh Art ride did quite well for its first ride. Could it be the timing of the ACDC ride that is hindering it? I mean both rides use the same area roads and trails right? Holding it earlier or later in the cycling season could be some of the trouble. I hope the condition of our area roads aren’t the problem, though lord knows I feel they could be better maintained.

  2. congrats at hitting 3000mi. I would like to ride more local rides but I believe this one falls on my macinaw bike tour. Maybe next year if it’s going to continue.

  3. Well I’m not sure I have any right to comment here as I don’t do any of the work to maintain this site, but it obviously serves a valuable service for our little club. A lot of people find out about us through this blog.Maybe some of us regulars need to get off or on our butts and contribute more in the way of written content. I don’t know Scott, what is deemed necessary for this site to continue? Do you need new content every week or twice a month?
    As far as the rough roads are concerned I think you’d better get used to it folks. Our economy won’t support the constant improvement our local roads need to be smooth and safe. We’re going to have to ride more in Ohio.