No Sleep Til…

…BROOKLYN! This one’s for all you fellas’ (the ladies won’t ride with us anymore) who kicked it up Hawkins Highway on last night’s Maple Wheelers’ ride.

We had a jolly ol’ time pedaling about north of Onsted. Upon arrival in Brooklyn, we stopped by the best ice cream joint we’ve hit to date on a club ride. As Bart and I vie for which of us will be dubbed Le Velo of the group, the girls behind the counter clearly cast their vote, giving me the biggest single-scoop ice cream cone I’ve ever seen in my life, and sending Bart away with a dainty little helping. (The comments area is now open for snarky remarks about whether or to what extent size matters.)

Afterward, Bob treated us to a stellar tour of a little known cul-de-sac in south Brooklyn. It was magical.

Another semester gets underway in two weeks, and an awareness of the season drawing to a close looms overhead. Time is running short as far as the Maple Wheelers rides are concerned. I hope you’ll make a point to join us for the rides that remain. See you Monday in Morenci.


4 responses to “No Sleep Til…

  1. Aw man…am bummed that I missed this one. I miss you guys!
    BTW…when does the Wheelers’ season end…Aug 31 really???

    • I know; what a bunch of fair weather cyclists, huh?

      OK, jokes aside, I don’t know when it officially ends. Last year, we were able to pull together a September calendar. And occasional rides still can happen beyond that, but it’s unlikely to be on any regular schedule. And then there’s the annual Yuletide Ride sometime in December.

      Just a reminder: anytime that anyone wants to organize a ride of any sort, this blog is available to you to help get the word out.

  2. I love Brooklyn. There are lakes close by and riding around MIS is a favorite.

  3. Patricia , we have missed you to . Are you coming back and ride soon ? Bob