A Seed-Spitting Extravaganza

Ever since Bill starting twisting arms and cajoling folks into volunteering to share the load in leading club rides, those that have stepped up have been intent on setting the bar higher and higher (save for myself, of course, who can’t manage to come up with anything better than sundry jaunts on the pitted roads out of Mitchell Park).

Last night, Bob treated us to a tour of Tipton, which concluded with watermelon and a group photo at his place. Here’s what the ride leader had to say:

Another beautiful evening for another great ride with a good group. We stopped at my house an feasted on watermelon. My wife give a nature talk on the Monarch butterflys that lay eggs on the milkweed. Ride on everyone.

Indeed. It was a positively gorgeous night for a ride, as far as the weather is concerned.

A few items of note:

1. In addition to the rides Bob mentioned in his comment on Monday’s post, don’t forget about the 4th Annual ACDC Ride on September 10 (offering 7- and 14-miles bike path options, as well as 50K and 100K routes), and the 41st Hancock Horizontal Hundred on September 11, in Findlay, OH (offering 20-, 40-, and 62-mile options for those not inclined to do the century). July 24 is the deadline for early registration for the HHH. I’m planning to register for the HHH today. If others are interested, perhaps we can go as a group.

2. Some of us have been talking seriously about getting some custom club jerseys and/or tech fabric t-shirts. I have around three or four interested in the jerseys, and around six or seven interested in the t-shirts. Please drop me a line or post a comment letting me know whether or to what extent you’re interested, and which of the two options you find most appealing. Thanks.

3. Finally, with this post I’ll be signing off for about ten days. I leave Saturday morning for the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Tour, organized by the League of Michigan Bicyclists. My dad and I will be traveling from St. Ignace, through Detour Village, Sault Ste. Marie, Paradise, Newberry, and back to St. Ignace. Well have a rest day on Wednesday in Sault Ste. Marie, so we’re planning to tour Sugar Island and to ride across the border into Canada (where will track our distance in kilometers, of course). I’ve been looking forward to this tour all year. I promise a full report and a heap of pictures upon my return.

Until then, ride happy, safe, and often.


4 responses to “A Seed-Spitting Extravaganza

  1. Great ride last night! It felt like resting in an oasis in Bob and Phyllis’s back yard – beautiful. Loved the watermelon.
    Club jersey sounds like a great idea – I’m in!

  2. I’m up for either a t-shirt or the Jersey. The Jersey will be rather pricey, and as Bart said the t-shirt we could wear other than just riding. Thanks to Bob for showing us the shining overbelly that is Tipton. Great ride Bob!

  3. When did the village scribe break down and get a brooks?

    • Break down? Nah, I’ve had it for quite some time, just not on this bike. It was on the green Fuji, remember? Now the Special Tourer has a black Brooks B68 as it awaits its transformation into something more akin to the style of the Raleigh One Way and the like.