Our Town

A record nineteen people (it’s official, now, because I’ve clearly stated, “a record…”) showed up for last night’s spectacular, first-annual, High-Rise Ride, led by the inimitable Tom McNaughton, who even picked up the tab on the cooler full of frozen treats.

Everyone was there, from Russell, who is training for an Ironman, to Norman, who had never climbed Wilmoth before, but did so last night on a recumbent trike.

For better or worse, the ride spread out a lot, but no one seemed to mind too terribly much, and everyone ultimately hung in. Bob flatted on the final leg, providing John, Bill, and myself with a good opportunity to stand around and do nothing while he swapped out a fresh tube. No, wait; that’s not true. Bill took this picture.

At one point, Tom even chased two deer, proving that he is, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. (Take a second, and click that link.) Of course, I would have been far more impressed, personally, had he caught one. I mean, anybody can chase a deer.

OK, enough of that. The highlight of the night, what everyone turned out for, was the chance to see our fair city from atop the apartment complex at the corner of Church and College.

If anyone can tell me what on earth "the other Tom" is doing in this picture, I'll give you a dollar. The comments section is open.

That was a wicked sweet. You never know what you’ll get at a Maple Wheelers ride. Sure, most of the time you can guess, and it’s rarely something you’d choose to relive if given the option. But occasionally, it’s something legitimately cool. (There are rumors, by the way, of a watermelon stop on the Wednesday night ride. Just sayin’.)


7 responses to “Our Town

  1. it looks to me like he’s installing the vanity plate from his honeycombs box. it probably says “brake-dance”.

  2. And to think I had to work…. These pics are killing me. lol O well Im sure there will be another time. I always need more cash for bikes. lol


  3. Tom suggested that he could get us on the roof of the county courthouse. I don’t think we could get a whole group or a bike up there but it might be a more interesting view. We also talked about a fall trip off,oops to the roof. These Maple wheelers are an adverturous bunch. What other sights have we been missing over the years. We did go up in the twin towers once but that was a little to hair raising.

  4. i had a good time minus those darn hills on wilmoth! lol maybe next time i’ll cheat and take the trail both ways

  5. Robert Bale

    It was a good ride and view . For any one that may be interested here are two good one day rides close by . I have done the MARR and it is a great ride . I am planning on doing the Black Swamp ride http://www.ohiocycling.info/obec.html. Scroll down to the Black Swamp Tour July 30 and the Madd Anthony River Rally Aug 6(MARR)

  6. Tom M. (oscar)

    This is Tom (the kneeling guy, not the ride leader).
    I was just demonstrating how I could still kneel down for the photo at 65, but I needed to hold onto the bike for support. I have no idea why I wasn’t looking at the camera, probably thought I’d break it!