A dozen of us celebrated the Tour with climbs, cobbles, headwinds, and ice cream on last night’s Maple Wheelers ride. As exciting as all that was, I’m most pleased to announce that the Tecumseh Frosty Boy is now filling water bottles for free!

Our next ride is Monday at 6p, and it’s one that every local rider simply must attend. We’ll be meeting at the apartments on the corner of College Ave. and Church St. After the ride, we’ll be heading atop the building for ice cream, scenic vistas of our fair city, and a group photo. Following that celebration, anyone interested can traipse on over to ZZs for a cold pint.

During last night’s ramble, Dave told me about a German band called Kraftwerk, who, it turns out, are a bunch of avid cyclists that produced a couple of very techno-funky Tour de France tracks. Check it out:

And finally, the original version with vintage Tour footage:

Mid-eights European techno-funk not your thing? Well, then, check out how this “Brit pastafarian lays it down” (as Dave so eloquently put it).


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  1. i’m a fan of kraftwerk. they’ve been around for a long time