Kirk’s Bored

The poor guy has nothing better to do than to surf YouTube. Unfortunately, what’s worse is that he’s cluttering up my inbox with all the nonsense he drudges up. And if that weren’t bad enough, he wants me to post this stuff on the blog! Can you believe it?!

In any event, I’ve got nothing better of my own to post. So here are some clips for your viewing pleasure. I’m certain that nearly all of you have seen the first video by now, assuming your work days are every bit as boring as mine. Nevertheless, I totally laugh out loud every time I see it, even after viewing it countless times.

The second is by the same “artist.” It’s equally hilarious, in my humble (though frequently overly and loudly stated) opinion. It seems especially apropos the Tour de France season.

Finally, this one has nothing to do with cycling, but take it as a little shout out to all of the good folks refusing to eat anything that casts a shadow, many of whom also ride bicycles.

Uh, thanks, Kirk. Here’s hoping that you recover quickly and get away from your computer and back on your bike soon … for the sake of everyone.


One response to “Kirk’s Bored

  1. It’s getting real in the whole foods parking lot has running in my head for two days now. Thanks for that!!