Bob on PALM

Greetings, faithful readers and fellow bicycle enthusiasts. I’m back. Did you miss me? (Don’t answer that.)

Three Lenawee locals — Bob, Dave, and Henry — spent last week pedaling across Michigan. Here’s a report and a picture from Bob:

I finished my 9th (Paddle) Across Lower Michigan, better known as PALM. This year was very wet with rain every day except Sunday, a lot of strenuous hills, and headwinds out of the east to boot, with a mix of rain if you were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place for three days. Luckily, I seemed to dodge the rain for all but the last day. We had a thunder storm at Clare around 8pm, which dumped about three inches of rain. I did stay dry in the tent, and it rained most of the night. It was foggy in the morning when we left. We rode the bike trail from Clare to Midland, then on to Bay City where we camped and experienced a strong storm with winds about 60-70 MPH, which overturned tents and damaged some. One tent I saw roll a few times actually had a guy inside. When we left Bad Axe Friday morning, it was raining and the route was 28 miles. I found a shortcut cutting my distance to 20 miles. We enjoyed our first tailwind of the week. I got into Harbor Beach in 1 hr 22min. But ask me if I would do the same trip over under the same circumstances and I would tell you, heck yes; that is part of the trip. Dave had his young eight-year-old  son, Henry, and he did a fantastic job of riding. He was the youngest rider riding by himself. I did not see them at the finish line, but I am sure Henry made it in good shape. And yes,  Dave probably made it also.  Ride on.

Stay tuned for a report on GOBA tomorrow or Thursday.

One last thing: today is the last day to cast your votes for “Hadrian on a Bicycle” on the Circle of Moms “Top 25 Biking Families” contest.

UPDATE: An additional word or two from Dave, along with more pictures…

Bob pretty much summed it up. Great week all around. We only got nailed by one thunderstorm briefly, but rode in a fair amount of drizzle. Henry made every mile and hill of the trip and has already asked if we can do the ride next year. We even made it in time for the parade on Friday with me limping into town on a slow leaking flat. I wasn’t the best photographer on this trip, but here are a couple. Hope you also had a great week.


4 responses to “Bob on PALM

  1. Let’s not forget two other Lenawee riders on PALM, Jack and Zach. Also, that’s a pretty cool shirt that Henry is sporting in the picture.

    • True that. Apologies for my failure to recognize the presence of the other half of Team Lark and their tent-free PALM adventure. Now theirs would be a fascinating report to read!

  2. Yes I forgot that John’s son and his friend was on the trip . Sorry I did not get to meet them , but maybe they could put their 2 cents worth in also and tell us about their adventure ..

  3. Nah, they can’t be bothered with this silly little blog. Last I knew, Jack was busy facilitating a spirited debate on the respective merits of Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel.