Here’s What You Missed

…if you didn’t make the Monday night Maple Wheelers ride in Morenci, and another reason why you should make a point to join us soon:

Bill: “One thing I really like about rides like this is getting out here in the middle of nowhere and hearing nothing but silence.”

Tom: “Well, then shut up.”

Need I say more?


5 responses to “Here’s What You Missed

  1. That’s what I love about this group, they’re so respectful

  2. Amy Shovels says “that was funny!”

  3. Ha ha ha! Thanks, Bjll. Please tell Amy that we’re glad she liked it.

  4. Ah the brotherhood of randonneurs! Patricia loves the rides too by the way. If it ever rains on a Saturday, Wednesday, or any day ending in “y” come join us at the shop…

    “The bicycle is a curious vehicle. The passenger is the engine.”

    • Indeed, we’ve enjoyed having Patricia join us for the rides, of late. (I’m sure you know already that she just fetched herself a sweet new bike.) Thanks for putting her in touch with us. I appreciate all you do to promote the blog.

      There have been some other new (or seldom seen) faces, too. Whenever they return, I’m always surprised that we’ve found someone else who can put up with us. Then again, maybe they’re counting it as volunteer hours for charity.