Kids Bikes Dads

One benefit of my recent nomination for the Top 25 Biking Families by Circle of Moms (don’t forget to vote!) is that I’ve discovered all these terrific new websites devoted to various aspects of transportation cycling and family life in general. (OK, admittedly, this is more a consequence of my visiting Circle of Moms on a daily basis in an effort to stuff the ballot box than it is a benefit of the nomination.)

Today, I spent some time nosing around Kids Bikes Dads, “a blog about parenting, kids, bicycles, and Montana adventures.” Click here to check it out. I find myself drawn to sites like these more than usual of late, because my ‘nonplussed baby’ (who will be three in just a few months), has taken to the tricycle like a bee to honey. She is positively obsessed with the thing, and she’s quickly learning to pilot it like a champ. I see good things on the horizon.

The frequency of the posts on “Kids Bikes Dads” is fairly spread out, but I take that as a reflection of the busyness and chaos that defines life with kids. There are two things I really like about the site. First, it’s written by a dad, and thus from a vantage point that it is my plot in life to share. Second, bicycles are at once central and an ever-present, but quiet and somewhat unremarkable backdrop (in a good way). They are what they are: a given, a quality-of-life choice, perfect human-powered machines whose function is their style, natural, simple, and so on.

Anyway, for those of you with kids, and for those of you who like to sit up straight when you ride and to pedal slowly as you go, I recommend giving it a look.



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