Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

From the League of Michigan Bicycles June ENews:

Rumble Strips in Michigan-Survey from Wayne State University

The purpose of this survey is to obtain feedback from bicyclists regarding their experiences related to centerline and shoulder rumble strips on high-speed, non-freeways in Michigan. This includes perceptions of impacts on safety and comfort, as well as details of specific bicycle events and highly traveled bicycle routes on roadways with and without rumble strips. Your answers to these survey questions will be used to assist MDOT in evaluation of its rumble strip implementation program and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Click here to access the survey.

LMB has worked with MDOT over the last couple of years to minimize the negative affect of rumble strips on bicyclists. We want to urge you and all of your bicycling friends to give your feedback on this very important issue. They will listen if we “speak.” So please pass this link on.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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