Ride of Silence Follow-up

Tim Green walks a Ghost Bike after the Dallas Ride Of Silence line of 1500 cyclists, May 18

Yesterday, I received an e-newsletter from the Ride of Silence organizers reporting on this year’s event:

The Ride of Silence board would like to thank you for organizing an event this year. We hope you had favorable weather and a good turnout of bicyclists who, along with many bystanders and motorists, were positively impacted by the event. Since the event took place, we’ve received the following statistics:

Total 2011 Riders To Date: 8,153
Number of Locations Reporting in: 90 (out of 322 known locations, or only 28%)

(These numbers were copied from our online report viewing tool which allows anyone to learn about our events).

Thank you again. Have a great summer!
Ride of Silence Board

Next ride: May 16, 2012

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On Twitter: @RideofSilence

One day. One time. One world, world wide.
Let the silence roar…. The Ride of Silence

The 2011 Ride Of Silence
322 locations world wide
50 U.S. states
24 Countries
7 continents
0 words spoken
A million powerful memories

I regret that I did such a poor job as the ride coordinator in terms of promotion, raising awareness, and follow-up. I sincerely hope to invest more time and energy into next year’s ride. More importantly, though, I hope that we’ll all be more mindful of the things this ride stands for throughout the year. That said, it’s good to see the momentum building worldwide.


One response to “Ride of Silence Follow-up

  1. don’t be so down on yourself. Look at all of the other locations that didn’t report back in. I wish I had had more time to get out and ride with you guys