New Ride Calendar

Eureka! Local rides and events are now available via an embedded Google calendar.

If you use Google calendar, rides and events, along with all the relevant details can be posted easily by sending an invite directly to this email address. (Note: for those of you who don’t have a Gmail account, you can still send me the info on any  ride or bike-related event via email, and I’ll happily post in the calendar.)

You can add events to your calendar by clicking on the relevant link.

Need directions? Whenever a specific location is listed, a link will allow you to pull up a Google map.

The “print” button will generate a hard copy you can tape to the wall.

Let the good times roll!


5 responses to “New Ride Calendar

  1. Love the new “Local Rides and Events” format. Will it be possible to post the route in the google map at some point?

    • I hope so, and I think so. At the very least, I should be able to post a link to the route on Map My Ride in the “details” area. It’s just a matter of taking the time to map out all those routes (or cajoling other folks to help me do so), and then remembering to include the link.

  2. Hi Scott. Where is the Tipton Minucipal Building? When I select the Map link to the right, nothing relevant comes up.

    • Robert Bale

      Patricia . The building is Franklin Township hall and it is on M50 right next to the post office . It sets back off the road . The building backs up to the cemetary. .Tipton is just a 4 corners ,M50 and Tipton highway . You can’t miss it Bob

  3. Thanks Bob.
    Loved last night’s ride – it was great to have a big group.
    I left the ride at Riverside cuz I live a very short jaunt from there, so missed out on the after-ride fun! I didn’t find out about the ice-cream social and photo shoot until just this a.m. when I read the blog. 😦

    See you Wednesday!