Happy Memorial Day

The Maple Wheelers, along with some friends and acquaintances thereof, kicked off their Memorial Day celebrations with a 40-mile ramble. Bill, John, Hannah, Chris, Mark, the Bobs, and I rolled out of Mitchell Park around 8a and headed south along Raising Center.

At the time, there were actually five other riders with us, only one of which had I met previously, who, it turns out, are all training for an Ironman triathlon in Arizona in November. By the time we reached the intersection of Raisin Center and Laberdee, it was clear that this ride was going to fall a bit short of their expectations. Hence, they turned left on Laberdee as we went right, and that was the end of our time together.

(Sidebar: I was disappointed to see them cut out so early, but not at all surprised. It was very nice meeting some new riders, and I genuinely hope our paths will cross again in the near future. In fact, while I have no aspirations of ever participating in a triathlon, much less an Ironman, I would not mind at all seeing how well I could hang with them on one of their rides.)

We headed toward Adrian, picked up the bike path at Trestle Park and followed it to Michigan Ave. From there, we made our way to Airport Rd., Baldwin Hwy., and then west on Carleton. We gradually moved west and south, spending a little time on Treat Hwy., Sharp Rd., Rau, Engel, Hodges, and Station.

We turned north on Robb Hwy. and followed that into Palmyra for our one and only officially sanctioned rest stop. Having caught our breath, we continued up Palmyra Rd. to Raisin Center.

When we reached Gady Rd., we only had about 35 miles on the clock. Determined to get the full 40, we continued on to Comfort Rd. and Mill Hwy., hung a left on Russell, and then turned back on Raisin Center.

It was an absolutely beautiful ride. The weather was perfect. The route was terrific. The conversation was, as always, splendid. Club jerseys, a weekend B&B tour, off-season get-togethers, local events, routes, bikes … oh, and bananas — just a smattering of the topics that surfaced as time went on and the miles accumulated.

Wish you had been there.

See you Wednesday at Blissfield, 6p.


5 responses to “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Laurie Lilly

    Thanks for organizing the ride today. Hope to join up with the Maple Riders again. Today was the first ride the 5 of us have gone out together this year. I was excited to see so many riders ready to go 40 miles today. That is great! The morning was beautiful!

    • I’m so glad you and the triathlon gang joined us yesterday, Laurie, even if it was for only a few miles. Thanks, too, for stopping by the blog. I was hoping to be in touch with you. If you all are willing to have me, I would like very much to go on a ride with you sometime. I promise to take my turns pulling at the front, and I won’t be a ninny about it when you finally drop me. I can find my way home. ha ha. Jokes aside, I really would like to see how well I can hang in. And if there’s anything I can do to help you guys out (e.g., with routes or whatever), let me know.

  2. Laurie Lilly

    You are welcome to join us any time we go on a ride. I usually go by myself as it’s hard to get schedules to work together. But I will be glad to let you know of any rides happening. Nice blog, too. It is now bookmarked! 🙂

  3. I had a blast. I was really glad I was able to go with the group again. It was very nice to get out and do a morning ride. The weather couldnt have been better. I had a great time. Next time I am going to have to wear some sun screen though. My back is a little tender now…. lol