2011 Memorial Day Ride

For those who haven’t already heard, a few of us are putting together a roughly 40-mile ride for Memorial Day. The ride will begin at 8a. At present, we’re planning to do a slightly modified version of this route.

So far, I think we have three riders definitely planning to be there, and there have been inquiries from a handful of other interested parties. Post a comment if you’re planning to ride with us. Maybe it will inspire others to join.

Hope to see you all tomorrow night at Mitchell Park for the Wednesday night Maple Wheelers’ club ride. Depending on where the wind is coming from, we’ll be heading either to Macon or to Palmyra for a 20- to 25-mile loop.


4 responses to “2011 Memorial Day Ride

  1. I’ll be there for Memorial Day ride. Are you taking route suggestions? If Laberdee Rd is still like Main St in Mogadishu, maybe we could avoid it?

  2. If it doesnt rain Ill be there. I just want a good day so I can ride again.

  3. Looked at the weather forecast.

    80 and sunny.

    0 I said ZERO percent chance of rain. Lets all cross our fingers for a nice ride.