Kudos for First Tour de Tecumseh

Today’s inaugural Tour de Tecumseh for the Community Arts of Tecumseh was a fantastic success. For starters, the weather could not have been better if it were custom ordered.

The registration table was well-staffed, well-organized, and well-run. The cue sheet and map were clear and easy to follow. It even included, on the reverse side, a list of phone numbers for various folks associated with the event (e.g., the event coordinator, registration coordinator, ride leaders, SAG drivers, and so on). The route was well-marked with a combination of road paint and standing signs. The event t-shirts look great.

I was really impressed with the route. (I rode the 50K route, so I cannot say anything about the others, but I can’t imagine they were lacking.) It was lively and scenic, and left riders with a sense of having truly toured Tecumseh. All major intersections were staffed with volunteers. Similarly, both rest stops had someone directing cyclists where to go. (I didn’t stop at the rest stops, but they appeared to be staffed amply and heartily provisioned.)

There was a pit crew with at least two mechanics available to assist folks prior to the ride, and there were a variety of family-friendly, post-ride activities. Unfortunately, I was unable to enjoy the latter on account of needing to skedaddle for another obligation elsewhere.

The turn out seemed really good. I rolled out early, and I suspect a good many more showed up later. It was great seeing folks I hadn’t crossed paths with in a while. For example,

  • I passed Amy, Doug, Spencer, and — who was that fourth rider? — on my way to the event. They were at least half-way through the route. Knowing them, they were probably on their second lap.
  • Bart, it turns out, does still ride a bicycle, and despite not having seen each other since the end of last season, he picked up right where left off, talking some kind of trash about catching up to me en route. But then, of course, I never saw him again.
  • Finally, Bill — are you ready for this? — showed up sporting cycling shorts and a cycling jersey! Oh the humanity! Wait, lest you think he’s abandoned his unique identity altogether, the shorts were bib shorts, the cycling equivalent of overalls. Now, I don’t want to ruin his hard-earned reputation, but the Lycra gear suited him just fine.

Unfortunately, I saw lots and lots of riders that I don’t know. Contrary to what you might imagine, I’m pretty lame when it comes to self-promotion. Hence, I do a crummy job of making folks aware of this website. I’ve got to figure out ways of overcoming this, not so much because I want everyone to read what’s here so much as because my primary goal all along has been to connect anyone and everyone in our area who is into bicycles and cycling, no matter what kind, no matter what form. How can anything bad possibly come of that? The benefits, meanwhile, would extend to each and every rider in countless ways.

Anyway, help me spread the word, won’t you? And I welcome any suggestions you have for ways I can do so myself. Thanks.

Back to the event, all things considered, I think the Tour de Tecumseh is poised to become a great event and a much-anticipated, longstanding tradition in Lenawee County. A big tip of the cap to Jim, Laura, and all the other folks, whose names I either can’t remember or don’t know (sorry!) for all they did to make this happen. Very nice work, everyone! I’m already looking forward to net year’s event.


3 responses to “Kudos for First Tour de Tecumseh

  1. Yes, I agree, a very nice ride indeed! I plan on doing that one again!

  2. Jim manley

    Dr. Elliott, what a great report on the ride. Thank you. This ride becomes the first point of the Lenawee “Star” ride series. we have an awesome area for riding, both family and recreational.

    May 2011
    Tour de Tecumseh (Community Arts of Tecumseh)
    RESULT: 50 volunteers, raised $5,000, and 100 riders participated

    June 2011
    Cycle of Hope (Habitat for Humanity)

    July 2011
    Bruce Jones (Hospice of Lenawee)

    August 2011
    Re-Bicycle Lenawee cycling event TBD (Re-Bicycle Lenawee)

    September 2011
    ACDC (Associated Charities)

    These rides cover the best months of the riding season and compliment, not compete, with each other. All true believers in the joy and benefits of cycling will work co-operatively to support and promote all the rides.

    In five years these organized rides will be signature events with HUNDREDS of riders participating raising THOUSANDS of dollars. Do all five “points of the star” and you will receive special recognition for supporting these good causes. We will become the little county that could!

    “I have a dream……a bicycling dream…”

    PS: Bill looked awesome!

    • I love this idea of a sort of “Lenawee Classics” series. Do I see patches and/or jerseys in the future?

      The Hospice Ride falls in June, though, so we should see about moving next year’s Habitat ride to July, so that we have an organized event in each month.

      Keep us posted on the RBL event. I’ll be happy to do all I can to help support and promote it via the website.