Better than last Saturday

Raise your hand if you went for a ride today. (Anyone who didn’t should hang their head in shame.)

As for me, this morning, I enjoyed a spectacular ride out to Morenci and back. The weather was perfect; the route was great (even with a two-mile stretch of unpaved road on Seneca — more on my growing interest in and appreciation for macadam lanes in an upcoming post); and although my legs are still tingling a bit, the three-and-a-half hours I spent en route were nothing short of an absolute addict’s fix.

Here, for your enjoyment, are a few shots I snapped along the way.

Considering what a massive hit my last ride-inspired (or perhaps, ride-induced) haiku was, I crafted another this morning:

Canandaigua Road

At 19.55

Wished you were here

I’ve been riding a week with the handlebar bag. I’m still not entirely thrilled with the look, but I will say that I am definitely beginning to appreciate the bag’s functionality. The bag did not come equipped with a map sleeve, which is certainly out of character and problematic for a handlebar bag. Nevertheless, I added one straightaway, and today I was thinking about other uses for it besides holding a map or cue sheet. For example, given all the time I spend staring at it, it seems like a great place to stash Greek verb paradigms and vocabulary for practice.

This time of year, with the wide swings in temperature and so forth, I’m always struggling with how to dress for rides. Part of what I have to consider is where and how I will stash layers if I shed them over the course of the ride. This bag is immensely handy in that regard, not only because it offers plenty of storage space, but also because I can frequently shed and stow layers without stopping.

Finally, I’ve become quite appreciative of the mesh packets on either side of the bag. Not only do they provide a great space for items you want to be readily accessible, like a phone or camera, but, in the case of the latter, they allow me to secure the camera’s lanyard to my wrist before removing the camera from the bag, all but eliminating any chance of dropping it.


4 responses to “Better than last Saturday

  1. I’m a fan of bike bags for there practicality. I had been eyeing a nice one at

    But couldn’t justify the cost. I picked up an large old saddle bag at the Ann Arbor bike swap meet and it is working well for me. Racks and sacks (panniers) work well, but I personally don’t like the extra fuss or look of them. A handlebar bag like yours is also handy.

  2. that is why man invented cargo shorts my friends. Stash a bunch of stuff in them and it doesn’t make the bike look bulky.

    Aren’t dirt roads fun? 🙂

  3. Henry and I were out that same way on Saturday on our way to the lake. Ran across a dad and daughter on Demings Lake Rd. looking for a softball game at Mitchell Park on Green Road. Yeah, they were super lost.

  4. i LOVE that photo of the bike path (?) with all the green on either side.

    but what i really came to say is that you would TOTALLY put greek verb translations in there. do it.