boat-to-work week

No, you are not looking at a typo – here in rainy, cold Rhode Island, everyone is calling bike to work week boat to work week.  The forecast continues to be bleak and dreary, quite a drag for myself and others who signed up for BTWW. 

As previously blogged about, the village scribe’s little brother and I are fortunate enough to work for a company that willingly supports healthy events such as bike week.  They provide funding and give us time to plan and promote the event.  So naturally, there is more than a bit of grumbling about the weather.

While we have many clouds over our heads, there is a silver lining:  two brave employees rode over eight miles before and after work, in  the cold and rain.  One of them had not ridden her bike in years, and actually enjoyed the experience in spite of the weather. 

Next week’s forecast in Little Rhody is much improved.  And our very understanding employer is allowing us to continue BTWW into next week in order to get more participation.  The silver lining is turning gold.


3 responses to “boat-to-work week

  1. It’s been doing almost non-stop raining here in SE MI and I’m not looking forward to doing the RofS cold and wet.

    • Speaking of which, the local (Adrian, MI) Ride of Silence is on, unless we’re in the midst of a downpour at 6:45p. I’ll give notice of any changes or cancellation via Twitter.

  2. I used to live south of Seattle and quickly found out that if I didn’t ride in the rain, I didn’t get to ride. Guess that’s where my like of fenders came from…