Bragging Rights

Chris G. and I tallied about 22 miles tonight in the rain and the cold and the wind. (This was my internal soundtrack, if you’d like to give a listen.) I even lost a mile or two, as far as the official record is concerned, thanks to the moisture wigging out my computer.

I just wanted to let everyone know how much we rock. I’ll forego all the other trash talk I thought of posting during the ride (for the time being, at least). Ha!

[OK, bring on the clever retorts. I welcome them all.]


3 responses to “Bragging Rights

    • Thanks, Dave. I was just about to post that. For those hesitant to follow the link, my 1975 Fuji Special Tourer made the 2011-2012 Old Ten Speed Gallery calendar. How cool is that?! I’m wicked pumped.

      Speaking of calendars, Bill is still looking (desperately and frantically — trust me, it isn’t pretty) for volunteers to lead rides on Monday and Wednesday nights. This is an easy gig. All you have to do is email Bill and let him know where you want everyone to meet and on which day. You set the route and the pace. So come on, show us where you like to roll.

  1. Man that was a “great” day for a ride…… lol I thought nobody was as nuts as I am but I guess I was proved wrong. On the next group ride I will try to keep my bragging to a minimum… hehe But all in all It was good to get out and ride again. We even saw a fellow cyclist heading in the other direction. I suppose there are more bike crazy people out there then I thought. lol