With Friends Like These

It’s been a while since I last extolled the virtues of the local Maple Wheelers club. But it’s important that you understand fully what a magnanimous bunch of folks they are. Here’s an illustration.

Last night, while I was sequestered in a small basement room participating in a three-and-a-half hour meeting, they were out enjoying a beautiful evening on their bicycles, and they were kind enough to send me this picture … while I was still actually in the meeting. Does it get anymore thoughtful than that? I think not.

This was Lauren’s inaugural ride on her swanky Trek Lexa. Lauren, I know, is destined for cycling greatness, and I really hate that I missed the first opportunity to watch her drop these guys like a bad habit! Welcome to the club, Lauren. There’s no turning back now.


One response to “With Friends Like These

  1. Man this has me itchin to ride with the group. I guess I should have payed more attention to the site for the schedule. I will be there on Monday. 😀