Line Three

Last night’s group ride with the Maple Wheelers was great. But I spent more time in the drops during the first half, heading into the wind, than I have in a long time, and my legs are toast. Of course, we were flying on the return trip.

Upcoming rides are posted to the right, under “Local Rides.” Everyone is welcome, so I hope you’ll join us. Note in particular the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 18. We’ll meet behind the Adrian Public Library, downtown, at 6p.

I’ve been reading a remarkable book lately. In it, the author spills a good deal of ink discussing haiku. Haiku is not, by any means, the primary focus of the book, but haiku serves, for the writer, as a perfect example of the matters that interest him. Anyhow, the book as got me thinking in haiku. During last night’s ride, I devised two lines, and I’m inviting suggestions for the third. Here’s what I have; post your ideas in the comments:

Gorman at Lyons

Winds west southwest whip wildly

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Meanwhile, check out this bit from Jonathan Morrison, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective:

We were waiting to secure the building before we announced why…

We aren’t sure why the car attacked the Collective.  Perhaps they just came from filling up at a gas station or found out they failed a basic annual physical exam?  Maybe they were in the midst of a pollution fueled coughing fit when they mistook our community bike shop for a drive-through.  Even picking up the rubble of the building, we have to chuckle at the irony of the situation.  Yet, regardless of the reason, we are just glad that no people or bikes were hurt in the crash — only one less car.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Wow. Nuts.


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  1. RIde on, two wheel warrior

  2. Oops, forgot my lycra