The Back Forty

For anyone interested and available, a group (that is to say, at least two) of us are planning to ride 40 miles this Saturday morning. We’ll be meeting at Mitchell Park (at the corner of Gady and Green), and rolling out at 7:30a. The pace will be sprightly but not aggressive, and the demon climbs of Raisin Center and Wilmoth will bookend the route. You’ve been warned.

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there.


7 responses to “The Back Forty

  1. See if you can pass by the RBL after 12:00 noon if you can, we would love to see you!
    Also, we have a small ride starting at the RBL at 5:00 PM for us old slow guys who like to ride and talk. Every one is welcome!

    • Amy and I had a great ride. Sorry I didn’t see your invitation in time to do anything about it. The shop ride sounds like a great idea. Will it be a regular thing? Was that where you were going or coming from when I saw you outside of the Barley House?

  2. I’d like to apologize to anyone who showed up at the RBL at 5:00 pm for that ride. I wasn’t thinking when I named the time. The ride actually started at around 4:15 or so and it was just Jim and I doing the local rails to trails. Jim bailed down nearest his home because of time constraints, and I saw you Scott on my way back to the RBL for my car.

    I’d like it to become customary for there to be a ride departing the RBL at closing time on the days it’s open. Unfortunately if the RBL is open on a day I work, I’ll miss the ride as well as the last hour the RBL is open because of my start time. But let’s see if we can make that ride a reality!

  3. When is the ride schedule going to be out? I am itchin for some more group rides. Itll be good to get out and ride with people again. lol

    • Robert Bale

      The Maple Wheelers ride is posted on the local rides on the right of the page . Wed at 6 pm at Mitchell Park , corner of Gady and Green highway

  4. I’m going to miss riding with you guys. Thanks for letting me ride with you last season.