Kiwanis Trail Clean-Up Project

Adrian Parks and Recreation will be hosting a Kiwanis Trail clean-up day on Friday, March 25th.  There are many downed limbs from the recent ice storm that need to be removed from the trail.  City staff will be working with any necessary power equipment but it would be a tremendous help to have a group of volunteers dragging limbs and brush to the side of the trail and stacking it.  No tools are needed; just gloves.  (Boots would be a good idea too.)

There will be two shifts on that day; in the morning from 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM and in the afternoon from 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM.  Volunteers are welcome to sign up for either time, or both, or a portion of one time.  People should meet at the Bent Oak parking lot for either shift on the 25th and will be directed from there.


4 responses to “Kiwanis Trail Clean-Up Project

  1. Wish I could help but have to work. I was out there on March 17 rollerblading and the sticks were terrible and not good when on rollerblades. Too bad it is not on Saturday.

  2. I know a guy that recently got a flat cycling the trail. Hopefully it can be cleaned up relatively easily.

  3. *a flat because of the debris*

  4. Paul H Downs

    Had heard a couple years ago they had approved extending the trail to clinton but nothing since. Anyone heard any reason why no more news on that or if its been cancelled?