The Tentative Ride

First, apologies to anyone who was thinking they would have liked to be part of a group ride this afternoon had they known more. Alas, the tentative ride remained so right up to the very last minute, and I just wasn’t able to get the word out, much less allow time for everyone to assemble on account of having to be back in time for another commitment.

Now that that’s out of the way, today’s ride was cold and slow. My legs were heavy and sluggish. My lungs burned on the smallest of climbs. My fingers and toes were numb. My back hurt. My shoulders hurt. My neck hurt. My butt hurt.

So, in a word, what I’m trying to say is that it was absolutely perfect.

Yeah, getting out on the bike felt so good. It was positively wonderful. We logged 22 miles with a there-and-back to Macon. Next Sunday’s ride is not so tentative, so make plans to meet at my place 1p. We’ll probably do the same or a similar route.

Looks like a warm-up in on the horizon beginning Tuesday. I’m looking forward to the commute. Time to start racking up those miles in earnest.


One response to “The Tentative Ride

  1. I’m looking forward to getting back on a bike. Alas, I admit that I’m a fare weather rider most of the time despite my many fendered bikes and haven’t done any real miles in years, but I’m hopeful that time will allow me to become a cyclist again. Seems that the time demanded of work, family and sleep never leave time for much else.
    Then there’s that pesky Re-Bike place I just can’t seem to stay away from Too! I’m really looking forward to being independently wealthy and retired…