It’s in the Air

One site from which I initially stole a different version of today’s cover image says of the album:

“Love is in the Air”  by  John Paul Young (although it wasn’t written by him). “It’s a 1977 disco song.  It’s cheese on toast.”

You can get your groove on here, if you’d like. Nice. But that’s not what this post is about.

Check this out. Early in the week, one of my students came up to me after class to tell me that she was going to begin commuting to campus by bike, and to see if I could suggest a good route. Then yesterday, another of my students told me that he was on his way to Adrian Lock & Bike to buy a bike, and asked me for some tips on dealing with age-old bike commuter’s problem of arriving at one’s destination a nasty sweating mess. He’s taking up cycling for fun and fitness, and will be commuting to campus from Riga! I learned this morning that he got so fired up from our talk that he took his wife with him to the bike shop and bought her a new bike, too!

But wait! That’s not all. Remember Lauren and Hannah from last year’s PALM tour, two local riders that I suggested may have caught the bug? Well, sure enough, in addition to riding GOBA this coming June, they’re joining Team Hadrian for this year’s Tour de Cure. And Lauren, who I think is destined for cycling greatness (or at least local two-wheeled stardom), is at the threshold of fetching herself a proper road bike from Adrian Lock & Bike — a pretty, shiny, new Trek 1.1, that she test rode yesterday.

(Note to self: that’s three bikes, plus accessories, that I’ve had an indirect hand in selling in the space of a week or so. Ask local bike shop for finder’s fee or employee discount. Then turn incomparable powers of influence toward Stage Two: professional sponsorship or long-term gear-tester contract.)

Seeing all these folks buying bikes and getting into cycling gets me totally fired up. How exciting! I look forward to seeing a lot of new faces on group rides and at local events. Have fun, everyone, and be safe out there.


One response to “It’s in the Air

  1. Your strategy is flawless, except for the part you post your thoughts……

    It is gratifying to point people toward the local bike shops and have them make a sale to a new enthusiast, win-win!