RBL Co-op Update

This just in, from our man in the field, Jim:

On Saturday, March 5th four volunteers from Re-Bicycle Lenawee van pooled to Cleveland.  Cleveland?  Yeah, the “Home of Rock and Roll” and Drew Carey, made famous for wandering football teams and hating LeBron.  Re-Bicycle Lenawee is developing a relationship with Ohio City Bicycle Co-op, one of the most established non-profit bicycle cooperatives in the Midwest.  Gary, Dennis, Ryan, and Jim signed up for a four part “hands on” course that teaches bicycle enthusiasts how to maintain and tune-up bicycles.

The first class was great and we are looking forward to returning this Saturday.  After completing the course in Cleveland, we’ll improve our ability to get our donated bicycles back on the Lenawee roads. [Editor’s note: Now, if only we could improve the roads and limit their ability to kill the bicycles!] OCBC is sharing their electronic training documents, ideas, and teaching methods to help us offer the same class in Lenawee county.

As an added bonus, Gary brought his trailer along and OCBC shared some of their donated bikes with us.  We brought home a dozen mountain bikes and a box of parts selected personally by Gary.  We got the guided tour of the facility and got a lot of great tips and ideas to improve our own shop and process.

All in all, it was worth the long drive home in the snow and ice.  Ask Ryan about the pizza.


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