First Editions

The Re-Bicycle Lenawee Co-op rolled out its first class of proud new bike recipients this week. Check ’em out.

Heath is a young man from the neighborhood that fixed this bike with Bill’s guidance.  He brought in a bike to donate after getting his fixed, and then rode off with a huge smile on his face!

Tony is a young man from Adrian that fixed this bike with Gary’s assistance.  He wants to do volunteer hours, and, of course, also rode off with a huge smile on his face!

Yolanda was an approved applicant that got her bicycle and safety kit this week.  She went through the required training hours with her domestic partner and was very grateful for the bicycle.  Everyone did the bicycle checklist hands on, including disconnecting and connecting the brakes, filling the tires, and lubrication the chain.

Rudy is the fourth approved applicant to have received his bicycle this week. Notice the properly fitted helmet, and the front and rear lights.

Here’s a shot of the kit that goes out with each approved applicant. Will from C&W cycles sold these to the Re-Bicycle Lenawee Co-op at cost. With these items, clients are safe, seen, and secure in the knowledge that their bike will be there waiting for them when they return.



4 responses to “First Editions

  1. That’s great, glad to see it taking off so well!

  2. And so it begins…

    I look forward to many more stories posted here and wish to thank those who have made it possible for the RBL to provide this service!

  3. Saw Yolanda cruising down Merrick on the purple Roadmaster today.