Almost There

Winter sucks, and I am very, very weary of it. But while I cannot bring myself to ride my bike at all in these deceptively sunny days with sub-freezing temperatures, here’s what some other guys are doing for kicks.

Weirdos. And people give us grief for our Yuletide Ride. Whatever.

So I don’t know what the official forecast will be, but the average high for March 13 in our area is 45-degrees. Let’s play the odds and plan a group ride. Whad’ya say? I propose this route, mapped by Daniel last week, though perhaps we could move the starting point to the College. Would 1p or 1:30p work?


4 responses to “Almost There

  1. Shoot, I wouldn’t ride that again if you paid me. (mainly the route along 223. I was just meandering some back roads and forgot plank dead ends at the highway. It’s mighty busy for me to be riding that, even with a helmet.)

    I’d be up for a group ride if I can make it. We should do a route like we did for the yuletide ride, just meander around different roads that suit our fancy.

    As for the ice bikes, I’ve often considered cutting across a frozen lake to shave time (no pun intended) but then I remembered the possibility of falling through the ice, probably losing a bike or my life, and then trying to explain it to my loved ones. I quickly remembered that I have others to think about when I ride.

    I second the winter suckage. I can’t wait to get out on my sprint, but I don’t want to ride it with salt on the roads.

    • I’m certainly fine with going a different route, but I think I’m in the mood for something more than a jaunt around town. Obviously, I’m not ready for long miles and a hard ride, but I would like to do something worth dressing out for.

      What about this one, still starting from the college?

  2. Id be up for a ride. Ud think riding all winter would make me hate cycling but it just gets me itchin to ride some more. I cant wait for some good weather to come our way. I picked up two bikes this winter and Im currently building one up from a frame. Almost done with it, Bring on the Warm and Sunny Weather.

  3. Paul H Downs

    I ride to work probably1/3 of the winter, co workers call me nuts,. I tell them its because I dont wanna freeze my tail off scrapin ice off my windows in the morn.Its the snowy nights I love riding in. Fresh powder and no traffic its like riding in a cloak of silence.