up and coming

Yeah, yeah, long time, no post. So what. What’s one to do when there’s nothing going on and the budget for shiny, new bike bits is flat busted? We’re all just trying to get by, right, biding our time until the weather breaks, school lets out, daylight is extended, and we get back to our two-wheelin’ ways.

We’re on spring break this week, and I’ve found myself wearing whatever items of cycling-themed and summer-weight apparel I can reasonably get away with. This morning, I sent my youngest daughter to daycare wearing a Red Radio Shack cycling cap for show-and-tell, which is featuring the letter “R” this week.

Last night, I caught a one-hour highlight reel of the Tour of Oman on Versus. If you’re interested, coverage of Paris-Nice begins Sunday, at 4p. You really don’t have to be into racing. It’s just a great way to get amped up about riding again.

More importantly, back on the home front, it’s shaping up to be a big year for cycling in Lenawee county. In addition to the Hospice of Lenawee Run, Walk, & Bike Tour in June, and the fourth annual ACDC Ride in September, two new organized events are taking shape.

On May 21, the Tecumseh Center for the Arts is sponsoring the tentatively named “Tour de Tecumseh,” which will off a heap of family-friendly fun as well as a long route for seasoned riders.

Then, on June 4, Habitat For Humanity of Lenawee is hosting the “Lenawee Cycle of Hope—Ride to Tabitha’s House,” which will also offer opportunities for casual and serious riders alike.

Stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, I’m still in search of members for the 2011 Team Hadrian Tour de Cure squad and seeking sponsors. The event is Saturday, June 11, in Brighton.

And local club rides will most likely kick off unofficially in April (if not sooner), but look for the official Maple Wheelers’ ride calendar to begin circulating in May. Anyone interested in  a ride on March 13 to celebrate the return of Daylight Savings Time, and/or March 20 to welcome the first day of spring?

You best get your bike tuned up.


2 responses to “up and coming

  1. “What’s one to do when there’s nothing going on and the budget for shiny, new bike bits is flat busted?” Go get a used one and shine it up, it’s immensely satisfying. (until one turns around and sees the salt STILL and looks at the thermometer and starts to cry a little)

    • Rest assured, aside from paying a visit to Re-Bicycle Lenewee (which I’d love to do, had I the time), I have even exhausted this option. As you well know, the trouble with those wonderful old bikes (and this is their appeal, too) is that they invariably need something, and even that something costs something.

      Case in point: I’ve had my heart set on building a wheel for a couple of months. I cobbled together everything and a grand total cost of nada, only to find that the axle is bent. “No big deal,” I naively thought to myself; “I’ll just swap one out from an otherwise trashed wheel or junk hub.” But, alas, finding a used one in the right size has proved an exercise in futility, and a cheap new one runs ten or twelve bucks. Again, not a big deal, relative to the grand scale of pricing on bikes, parts, and gear. But I just don’t see the point if all I’m doing is building up a mediocre, nothing special (though still worth using) wheel for the sake of practice.

      My regular bike could certainly stand a thorough cleaning, so I’ll wile away an hour or so doing that.