Thursday Dawdle

Check out my new desktop wallpaper:

Wicked sweet, huh? Click on the picture to fetch one for yourself, or to select another from the fabulous “Desktop Wallpaper Project” from the design blog, The Fox is Black. Amazing stuff.

I had a lovely meandering dawdle of a ride into work this morning. I’m looking forward to riding the tail wind home. I certainly hope some of you are finding your way outside. The weekend is looking decent, too, given the season. Perhaps we could try again to cobble together a group ride on Sunday afternoon?


5 responses to “Thursday Dawdle

  1. Id be up for it if Im not busy.

  2. Well, I was pretty impressed: First, getting the RBL logo on the site is great! Second, the wallpaper site is pretty nice. Last, my breakfast cook at the Fleetwood Diner this morning RODE his custom built high end spare parts FIXIE to work last night. Then he pedaled off into the freezing morning at the end of his midnight shift.

    I wish I was crazy and dedicated enough to be that kind of rider….

    Alas, I am fearful of broken bones and frostbite, let alone FIXED gears!

    Heck, I wish I was as dedicated as Scott and Andreus.

  3. The idea of a group ride last Sunday afternoon seems pretty comical in hindsight, don’t you think?

  4. Sun. Feb 27 got any rides going?