Last night, with a stellar three-day warm up in the forecast, I geared up and made preparations like a kid heading off to summer camp. I packed my clothes for work. I laid out my clothes for riding. I made lunches. I replaced the batteries in my tail light. I checked the bike and topped off the tires. Nothing was going to put the kibosh on my plans to start chalking up miles.

Then this morning, I pushed off for my first morning commute by bike since sometime in late November or early December. The ride was positively divine, and I’m counting the minutes until I embark on the return trip. I have missed my bike terribly, and it felt so unbelievably good to be back in the saddle.

Yes, the hills seemed steeper and longer than I remembered. Yes, my tires flattened a bit more under the added weight brought on by winter inertia. Yes, the crank turned more slowly and the ride took a bit longer than usual. And yes, my legs exhibited a Gumby-esque quality. And yet none of that seemed to detract in any way whatsoever from the ride. Go figure.

It turns out that the only drawback and disappointment — and it was a big one, mind you — were that I eventually arrived at my destination and had to get off the bike.

Alas, it is still February, and I know full well that this warm spell is nothing but a tease. So it goes. I’ll take what I can get.



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  1. I am loving this warm weather. I busted out my Tour de France cycling cap and went for about 25 miles today after class. The only thing that would have made it better is if it was on one of my Schwinns. (had to ride the winter beater) I also know it wont last long but it sure it nice not having to get out the wool coat every time I need to go to class.

    Bring on the Warm Weather.

  2. Is the Kiwanis Trail clear? Thought I might head out that way today for my first outdoor bike of the year…

    • Amy! First, beg pardon my shock that you’ve come out from hiding and posted on the blog. Bully for you! Second, yep, the trail is very clear. I was surprised to find that they had even salted a handful of spots prone to ice.

      Happy riding!

    • Well, I am an avid runner at heart, but I took up a bit of cycling last summer when I was having some knee issues while training for a marathon. It was an awesome experience that provided me with clarity and peace while enjoying the outdoors..and it was just fun!! Last September, I did my first 50-mile ride with my old supervisor and we vowed to do even longer rides this year, possibly venturing to other parts of the state. Running is still my first love but I am hoping to make cycling my second. Yes, they have actually kept the trail pretty clear for most part this whole winter. My running group and I actually joked that the trail seemed to be clearer than the road at times. I have been suprised and pleased by their consistency. I vowed to continue to run outside this winter and I survived…thank goodness spring will be here for good, very soon!

    • Welcome to the blog, Dalila!

  3. Dumb question that has nothing to do with this topic… How do you put a pic up when you post a reply?

  4. Shameless flaunting of my bike (again)

    Chris, you can’t post an image directly into a comment on WordPress, but you can make a link to an image. First, find an image and right click and select “copy image location” or similar. Then enter this code and paste your image location and whatever wording you want at the points indicated below (sans brackets). Be sure to include less-than and greater-than characters at the beginning and end of the line, respectively.


  5. I was able to do a shakedown on a new toy (I got the other day) today- not far, but good enough for how put together the bike is.

    @ the village scribe- of course it’s a sweet ride! I love the cantilever frame, it’s my favorite design. Frank Schwinn knew what he was doing when he designed it. In fact, so well that many other manufacturers have copied it.

    @dave- nice link. “shameless flaunting of my bike (again.)” LOL

  6. Stellar! I love the sweep in that seat tube. Where do you find these things, Daniel?

  7. I bought a Humpack collegiate at the salvation army that I was going to flip for cash but no one was interested in it. (need to point out with much emphasis that D. Cruse tipped me off about it.)

    I visit a bike shop in Centerline MI about once a month and found my sprint there. the guy is an ex schwinn dealer so he usually stocks older schwinn lightweights that he flips for cash, or in this case, a trade. I was able to trade my collegiate that I couldn’t ride and really didn’t have any interest in for the sprint that is going to be my daily rider. Did I mention he threw in an older but still decent brooks saddle with it?

    Story about it here:

  8. PS I haven’t figured out how and where I’m going to mount my H2O cage yet…..

  9. This morning I looked at the Rhode Island forecast and it looked great. However, I thought I did not have time to ride to work today, too much to do, is it really warm enough in the morning, there may be ice still on the road, etc., etc. Then I looked at this blog and thought “I gotta do it”. It was great commuting by bike again. Thank you village scribe, for inspiring. It’s just too bad your little brother wasn’t at work today, so I could smirk at him if he had commuted by car. 🙂

  10. Today’s weather was nothing less than spectacular. I’m so glad I commuted to work via bicycle, left the gas-guzzler at home. The sun was out, the snow was melting, it wasn’t brisk or chilly AT ALL, I couldn’t have asked for a better february day. Did I mention the wind pushed me all the way to work? 😛