Long Shot

The Weather Channel is teasing us with a forecast of mid-30s and clouds for Sunday. If that actually happens, and assuming I can duck out of the house for a couple of hours, would anyone feel like joining me for an easy ramble?


9 responses to “Long Shot

  1. i think if we actually break into these mythical double-digit temps, you’re all clear to ride.

  2. OK, chances are I’ll fire off a Tweet if this ride is on. If it’s OK with those of you interested in riding, we could meet at or near my place, unless everyone thinks it better to stick to the bike path. I’m anticipating a 1p start, and we really will keep it a relatively easy ride.

  3. Heading out now since the family just left for the movies. If you decide to ride can you post a comment here? I would try to swing by. That tweet stuff isn’t going to cut it. Can’t see your twitter feed from the mobile version of your WordPress site.

  4. It was windy, but still great to get out. http://j.mp/hhuxpI

  5. Dave what did you take- the townie or the schwinn?