Never Put Off Until Tomorrow…

One of my students sent this to me yesterday. I wonder if my course content comes across as clearly to them as my membership among the pedaletariat.

Meanwhile, in the course of Googling the word “pedal” to be sure I didn’t mean “peddle,” this turned up:

It’s pretty dated, but that dude’s wheel at :45 looks similar to the ones I’ve tried to build and true myself. (OK, maybe they’re not quite that bad.)


One response to “Never Put Off Until Tomorrow…

  1. Paul H Downs

    I rode in Tacoma WA for 4 years and the way I survivd was swivel your head constanty like an owl, always pretend your invisible, if theres an opening you dont think “can I make it” your already thru it, stop on a dime and accelerate like a slingshot. Not nearly so intense here in adrian but the ride like your invisible part is good for anywhere.(meaning never expect the other guy to always see you and ride accordingly)