SAG Shopping and Such

Registration for the 2011 ODRAM is now open. I recently wrote the organizers to get the skinny on event. Here’s what they had to say:

How many riders customarily participate?

This is the second year we have hosted – last year we had 88 and when LMB used to host we heard they had capped it at 150.  We will not limit the riders this year.

Am I correct in assuming that the group gets pretty spread out?

Yes, they get spread out fairly quickly and there is not a defined start time – anytime between 6:30am and 8:00am – many riders ride in pairs although we had some individual riders also.

How much SAG is provided?

None, we provide lunch at half way point, cookout and showers at end of ride.  No SAG vehicles provided.

Do riders often/typically have their private SAG drivers?

Some do, we also offer transportation back from end of ride for an additional cost.

If so, is the route such that the drives can hang pretty close to the riders, or do they have to stay off the route as much as possible and just meet the riders at various prearranged stopping points?

Private SAG vehicle typically follow the route and just leapfrog the group they are supporting.

I’d really like to do this ride. Whether or to what extent I’m ready for it physically remains to be seen. But in the meantime I’m still looking for (a) anyone who might be interested in riding with me, and (b) a SAG driver.

Oh, I guess I’d be open to a corporate sponsor, too, if there’s someone out there who’d like to provide me with a new bike or some fresh gear.


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  1. UPDATE: Local cyclist, Dennis, who has participated in RAIN, has tentatively signed on to ride ODRAM with me.

    Of course, what this means is that we’ll each have someone else to blame it on if we can’t finish! There’s simply no way to overestimate the importance of that.

  2. Hi. Not sure where you live, but I have a friend who owns a cycling charter company that is offering transport and SAG for ODRAM. We live in Lansing and he’s offering transport from Lansing to Montague, SAG, and transport from Bay City back to Montague, and then back to Lansing (if needed) for a great price. Here’s the link to info:!/event.php?eid=138187689580449

    Right now, I’m planning to ride, but have a lot of prep to do. I did my first century last summer, also in August, and that was tough enough!

    I’m also working on 2 to 3 others in the Lansing area, but no definite takers yet.

    Jon Stanton

    • Hey Jon. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I live in Adrian, MI. I’m still planning to do (er, I mean, attempt) this ride, but I’ve yet to register.

      I see on your site that you also participate in the Tour de Cure. Will you be at the Brighton event on June 11? Any chance you’ll be at the training ride this Saturday in Chelsea? If so, I look forward to meeting you. Otherwise, here’s hoping our paths cross at ODRAM, both at the start AND at the finish!

  3. Thanks for responding so quickly. What time and where is the Chelsea ride? I saw a post about one a while back from the Tour de Cure folks, but not recently. I’ve been hosting some group rides for our team in the Lansing area for the last couple of months. I plan to keep the Facebook page where we communicate active even after the tour so we can ride together. We usually ride the Lansing River Trail, but sometimes hit the road.

    Rick’s package deal (Michigan Cycling Charters) includes the registration fee and a hotel near Montague so we don’t have to leave Lansing in the middle of the night. He’s offering transport from Lansing to Montague, the hotel, SAG during the ride, and transport back to Montague (if he has any folks on board that use him only for SAG and have a car parked in Montague) or back to Lansing (direct if the prior scenario doesn’t happen, or back to Lansing after Montague, if necessary) for only $200. I think that’s a steal, personally – so if you’re still looking for SAG, be sure to visit that link. He has more details there.

    I have quite a bit of training to do to get to the 150 mile mark. I used to weigh 430 pounds. I lost 230 pounds and have had it mostly off for about 2 years now, but I did gain some weight this winter (about 40 pounds), so I’m heavier than I was last riding season too. My first century ride was tough (95 degrees and very humid), but I actually didn’t have much trouble except for butt pain and back pain. Both of those are more substantial right now too, so I’ve got some building to do if I’m going to try and pull off 150 miles. I’m hopeful we will have a stiff tailwind that day – that would make it MUCH easier!

    Let me know about the Chelsea ride – I’m not sure I can make anything on Saturday, but I might be able to get there. If not, we’ll see you at ODRAM, or in Rick’s van on the way there! He has a sweet outfit – 12 passenger van and 14 foot enclosed trailer outfitted to haul bikes, provide SAG and with mobile repair.


    • The Chelsea ride is a special event for Tour de Cure participants who raised a minimum of $1000. They used the event as an incentive. Chris Horner and Levi Leipheimer will be participating in the ride. I can hardly wait!

      I spent some time on your website, and your story is amazing. Congratulations! I hope others have made a point to drop by after visiting here. I have a cousin in a situation very similar to what yours once was, massively overweight, type-2 diabetes, etc. He’s struggled all his life, too.

      I did check out Rick’s offer. I agree that it’s a good deal. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. At present, though, it’s looking like my wife will provide SAG support. That would be pretty nice if it works out, because I would love for her to be part of this. I don’t know if I’ll be up to the challenge either (yes, pray God there’s a tailwind!), but I really want to give it a shot.

      See you on the 11th, at the Tour de Cure, I hope.