Road Work

The Telegram has published a list of upcoming road projects in our area.

I wish we could get ahead of the curve so that bike lanes and other bike-friendly infrastructure would have a better chance of being an integral part of such improvements. Of course, I know these things take time, and I’m confident it will happen eventually.

In the meantime, though, what are your thoughts on how local road improvements planned for 2011 will impact cyclists?


5 responses to “Road Work

  1. This Friday in Lansing I will attend the Train the Trainer for Complete Streets Act. Maybe this will help!

  2. It’ll give us something different to smell as we are riding past all the stopped traffic for the “slow and stop” sign person.

  3. This is what could be.

    How much would you save if you got rid of one of your cars?
    How much do you spend on gas, insurance, repair costs etc for your car a year?
    How much cheaper would it be for the city to build and maintain a bike lane compared to a road?
    How much better physical and mental shape would a cyclist be in compared to a motorist?

    In my opinion, I think bikes come our better each time…

  4. Yesterday in Lansing I approached John from the League of Michigan Bicyclist. I encouraged him to press for “rolling stop” bicycle ordinances like the ones passed in Iowa. It would help us stay legal, yet facilitate better travel efficiency on the side streets and local roads. I heard a new term I like: “non-motorized culture” What do y’all think? See you at the shop today.

    PS: I decided to pay for a domain name for Re-Bicycle Lenawee so we can get a web site going.