A special sixth installment in our five-part series from Daniel, who performs all of his own stunts.

Some honorable mentions:

Using an air compressor to remove hand grips.

To remove a stubborn hand grip off my 1960s Schwinn Middleweights (or “beach cruisers”  as they are commonly referred to today) I hold one finger over the hole on one end and blow compressed air into the other end.

Use of bungee straps as trouser bands.

When riding in the summer these are generally not necessary, but when the colder weather hits, it’s best to secure your pant legs, and I’ve found that bungee straps work best for this.

Utilizing the internet for help.

There are many times I find myself lost on how to maintenance an item (hey, you take a Bendix mutli-speed hub apart without any formal training) so I often turn to the internet for help.  The uses of bike-specific forums as well as Youtube are great ways of seeing how it’s done before you feel like tackling it yourself.  However, I’m sure it’s hurt our local bike shops.

There you have it.  I’m sure there are many of these that you are already using and perhaps there are some that you have yet to try.  I’m interested in hearing your tales of common tool maintenance that I may have not yet seen.


One response to “Bonus

  1. There is no substitute for hands on experience. I found that out with planetary gears…